Tuesday, 26 June 2012

What motivates me?

Caption: Motivation can ensure that you succeed in life.
Source: theperfect-measure.blogspot.com

According to Anon, A need is something, “to be in want of”. Needs that indeed became motivators to people are: wages or salaries but also that of self-development, self-actualisation or sense of achievement. I am motivated when needs being satisfied.

There are various other motivators, but I’m motivated by anything related to cars, motorsport, working on or with cars, because I believe that if you don’t have a passion for something then the outcome would be negatively influenced or impacted quality wise. I also believe that trying to make something out of nothing could possibly become another personal motivator to me, as I’m driven by my passion to create perfection.

My suggestion to you the reader is to find the elements of that which actually motivates YOU! This would be vital as you would then be able to tailor any message or complete any task according to that which motivates you to achieve in life. You have read about what motivates. What motivates you or ensures that you achieve excellence?

What does YOUR reputation mean to YOU????

Caption: As the image states, your reputation is truly your worth so look after it!
Source: blog.bufferapp.com

According to Anon, Reputation is, “what people think and say the character of a person or thing is; character in the opinion of others; name; repute.” When one has a reputation it would mean a lot to them, it would be as if they have achieved something.

Your reputation could be showed to anyone to prove you’re ‘WORTH’. According to Stan, ‘A good reputation would act as a great confidence booster, and it could be used to show friends what you actually do.

Your reputation is based on the image that society has about a person and thus the image is so important that it could assist an individual to receive an excellent job opportunity or at least they would become more reliable and trusted in order to carry out certain jobs or business functions etc.

I certainly believe that you should value your reputation, as it could make or break you. Whether or not, you are living a perfect life or are building a life for yourself. One suggestion that I have for you is to manage the way people see you online. Try and act professionally because believe it or not your future employees would look at your social media activities, capabilities and what you actually do. They would also look at your pictures and uploads etc. Therefore, act responsibly and regulate anything you then upload on these pages (online). Good luck!!!!!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The 10 most unexpected consequences of being online

Caption: Are you truly not addicted to being online?
Source: rowenakellies.wordpress.com

Below you would find 10 of the most unexpected consequences of being online:

1. Making friends with total strangers.
2. Having the ability to get information at the click of a button, whether it is
useful or not.
3. Downloading viruses that could damage your computer or even make it crash.
4. Susceptible to being hacked.
5. When offline, you would not be contactable.
6. Being stalked or stalking others.
7. Meeting old acquaintances and colleagues that you would necessarily want to be in contact with.
8. The level of production in businesses dropping due to employees being able to access online content.
9. Constantly receiving SPAM after clicking on a webpage, as if you signed up for something.
10. The worst of all being addicted to being online. Twitter and Facebook is very addictive, as you would constantly want to be ONLINE to check what others are doing etc.

It never rains but it pours!

Caption: The rain symbolises the problems we as South Africans are facingon a regular basis.
Source: dianasneighborhood.com

This is a phrase that you’d often hear in and around Cape Town. According to Phrases.org, the meaning of the phrase is: “When troubles come, they come together”. For example, in our daily lives with constant prices increases such as: Electricity, Train fares, Water, and Petrol increases, our lives are basically surrounded by payments. These increases would then lead to higher prices, and many South Africans earn just enough to put food on their tables, but at the rate of these increases are hitting consumers. We would soon not be able afford anything. It’s a scary thought but it could happen, if not controlled or stopped in its tracks.

Poverty is starring us in the face, and we need to act swiftly but without help from our government as well, we might not be able to solve it. Many Non-Governmental Organisations in South Africa are trying to alleviate this problem, by helping where they can. Namely: Gift of the Givers, who are constantly assisting those misfortunate folk, in South Africa and abroad. This would help with the growth rate of our nation and change its conditions into positive ones, so that any and every South African can feel proud to be part of this great nation.

What do you suggest we do to solve these problems?

Information obtained from: www.phrases.org/uk/meanings/205100.html

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The 3rd Rock from the Sun

Caption: The planet that we call home!

We live on the 3rd rock from the sun named Earth, which as the Mayans have predicated will kill every living being. The 2012 phenomenon discussed on a variety of platforms, cataclysmic or transformative events which will occur on 21 December 2012. Which means this would be the last day of life on earth, a really scary thought for many. Well for me it’s depressing because my birthday is on the 22nd of December, really sad!

Caption: A sad but true reality!

Some scholars suggest that the 2012 date would mark the end of the world or a similar catastrophe and scenarios suggested that the end of the world would include the arrival of the next solar maximum, or Earths collision with an object such as a black hole, or possibly an asteroid, as seen in a movie ‘Armageddon’.

Many scholars from various disciplines have dismissed the ideas of such cataclysmic events occurring in 2012. But a variety of scholars believe that this would not take place, but I’d say let’s wait and see! What is your opinion on this matter?

The elephant in the room

Caption: These gorgeous animals need protection.

As South Africans, we usually are subjected to weird views that tourists have of our country. For example, when we are asked about living with lions and elephants in our backyards or rooms, as well as Lions as our pets just for fun we reply ‘Yes’. I know for a fact that I am extremely guilty of this, as I love a bit of fun but, I have always wondered where they got this notion from, and I’m not surprised. I actually added to the perception of animals running around our neighbourhoods.

Being subjected to conversations with tourists, we regularly entertain this chit chat, but I believe that we should rather tell the truth and explain it as it is. Many tourists are concerned about poaching in South Africa, because these precious animals are being killed senselessly. This then brings me to a question that I received from a tourist, in where they asked me, ‘About the dehorning of elephants in South Africa’ and me trying to be funny about it, I replied Yes, South Africa does indeed has a problem with poaching, but most of it is solved by Elephants, Lions, Rhino’s and other wildlife living with us in our own backyards.

A few of my colleagues were really interested in South Africa, and made the journey to South Africa, in where they attend the 2010 FIFA World Cup. They were astonished by the fact that there isn’t any wildlife roaming the streets. Apart from their experiences, my elephant stories continue to roam around, in my room and my over active mind, for the next victim.

Caption: Save these animals, because in the not to distant future they might not be here anymore.
Source: shutterstock.com

Let’s get together and save our wildlife, our Rhino and Elephants are being poached and killed, and yet we say, ‘Our Government will do something!’ If we, do not work together no-one will. Start today, make a change and save your wildlife!

Friday, 8 June 2012

Where does your passion lie?

Caption: We all have the passion to achieve excellence, and enjoy the read.
Source: danielfwilliams.blogspot.com

As the title suggests, doing that which you are passionate about, could really improve not only the way you perceive things but the way you look at others and the world around you. I found my passion years ago, which is motorsport together with anything related to cars. You might think, typical guy. Well, we all love certain things or we have different tastes, we are all different, with different opinions, thoughts, interpretations and understandings.

If you haven’t found your passion as yet, then I’d advise you to sit down or take some time out of your busy schedule and write down a few ideas, as to where you see yourself in the next few years.

Caption: Choosing your destiny could be hard, but choose wisely.

Think about your future, do you enjoy engaging with people or would you like to sit behind a computer for 7 hours of your working day, I surely enjoy working with people (engaging them), as well as working via a computer. But find your passion or you’ll most definitely be sorry in the come years.

A simple exercise that you could do, use an A4 Sheet of paper fold it in half or draw a line dividing the page in half. On the first section write the following word on the left hand side of the page (Strengths), followed by this on the opposite write (Weaknesses). The next step would be, being honest with yourself.

You should then write, the elements that you personally feel are your weaknesses or strengths and from that you’d be able to decipher exactly, where your passion lies.

If you are able to find your passion, then you’ll definitely reach and attain your desired goals in the not to distant future.

Every day is a good day.

Caption: Try to make every day, a good day!
Source: fitsanity.com

If every day is not a good day, there could either be problems or reasons as to why they aren’t good. I personally wish that I could live in an era, where any and every day would be wonderful, don’t you think! Reflect on this, in relation to communication and the overall life fulfilment of both adults and children.

In those days, our lives will be much better, in that we would be closely linked and willing to assist others. For example, if a needy person knocks at your door and asks you for something to eat, our quickest responses are ‘Sorry Not Today’.

Caption: A very little can go, very far!

If we help, where help is needed the future would be great. We would not only help mankind progress but we’d help build a nation. We all live in the comfort of 4 or more walls but others out there do not have this comfort, they live on our streets. When they do approach us for help we shrug them off and in the back of our mind we think, find a job you a nuisance person. I’m very guilty of this and I do admit, I have done this in the past but I no longer will follow this practice. If I can help, in any way I definitely would.

Do you part and make the homeless feel as if every day is a good day. Try this out and tell me what you think?

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Dreams can become a reality

Caption: As the statement says, dreams can come true.
Source: dragonwritingprompts.blogsome.com

Way back when, we all had dreams and aspirations but as a child back then, I had many dreams as a result of an overactive imagination. I first wanted to be a bus driver because I thought it was pretty awesome, but I’m so glad I never followed that career choice (Whew!). Dreams can become a reality, if you put your mind to it and apply yourself.

At Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), Open Day hosted from 17-19 May 2012, a blind pupil approached the Champions of Engineering stall, in where he was able touch and feel the racing vehicle, which brought Goosebumps too many observing this sight. His dream is to build a racing car or to be part of this project. His dreams could lead him to becoming the next greatest Mechanical Engineer in South Africa. It would be all lead to the decisions he makes in the future, which would affect the outcomes thereof.

Caption: A blind student feeling something that he has been dreaming and longing to build or be part of.
Source: Pictures taken by Niven Maree and Camera supplied by Junaid Samodien

Following your dreams and doing that which you truly love, as well as holding that passion, would help you attain these goals, dreams or aspirations. I have been there and I’m consistently reminding myself, that my dream is to be a Public Relations officer or manager at a Formula 1 team, many men have this dream but mine is to be the first South African Public Relations Manager for a Formula 1 team, but I feel with hard work and applying myself, I would be able to attain this dream soon enough.

Dreams are achievable, so start thinking positive, hold your head up high and you’ll see that in the not too distant future, this dream will be a reality!

Our greatest strengths are our greatest weaknesses.

Caption: Our strenghts, could be someones weaknesses.
Source: go-get-guys.com

In our day and age, we as human being have a number of strengths and weaknesses. But all our strengths are taken for granted and we then expect these weaknesses to be solved over night, which rearly happens.

We often take many things for granted, because in our view, life is perfect. Well these are our weaknesses. For example: when walking into a building, do we look at the building and designs or wonder whether the foundations are strong enough. When you open the tap, you expect there to be water. We expect everything to be perfect and to run smoothly but unfortunately life does not work like that. We live in our isolated shells and see the world in our own way.

Caption: Working together can do wonders.
Source: wyebenefice.org.uk

If we work together in South Africa, we would not only have a wonderful country but a country in where everyone would be proud of and that everyone would love to participate in and help build the nation. Although, our lives are overshadowed by the things we do, as well as the work we do. If we do a little a bit to help our country, it would become a lot, and believe you me, we would one day reap the benefits thereof, which would be a weakness being overcome.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Caption: Trafficking the is the worst thing that could ever happen!
Source: cwmission.org

Human Trafficking has been a consistent problem worldwide, although there are organisations that have been established to combat this illegal practice. This practice has been in existence for over 300 years. According to the United Nations Immigrations Department, approximately 2.5 million people have been trafficked in 2010/2011.

Trafficking of humans is the biggest problem in Belgium, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Thailand, Turkey, United States of America and many other African countries.

The victims of this sad reality are subjected to physical or sexual violence during trafficking. Did you know: majority of trafficking victims are between the ages of 18 to 24 years of age?

The sad reality is that these abductions/human trafficking situations are strategically planned and there is no way that we would be able to solve it without the guidance of uncorrupted officials because these traffickers protect themselves by paying police.

Let’s try and start something today! As you read this post, 100 girls and boys are either about to be abducted or are being trafficked! So formulate a plan NOW! STOP TRAFFICKING TODAY!

Caption:Lets try and do something because working together can solve many problems.
Source: the-cause-blog.blogspot.com

Try a cliché

Caption: Keep on believing
Source: maggiemaesdays.wordpress.com

You might have heard this cliché: Good things come to those who wait. I have heard this cliché a number of times and unfortunately, I’m still waiting. But I do believe, that with the correct form of practice and training, it would assist in bringing those sorts of aspects closer to you as an individual.

Working extremely hard and applying your mind can not only assist in creating and establishing all good things that could come your way. We as students are aware of all the challenges that we face, but with obtaining this information we need to prepare ourselves to face countless problems which would eventually become something that would become good or excellent.

Another cliché that I found which links to the already mentioned cliché actually explains it in detail “Good things come to those who work their assess off and never give up”, this might sound but or incorrect but with hard work we would be able to reach or attain any personal goals that we have put our minds on and this could be both positive and negative. For example: A underprivileged student has faced a life of uncertainty, but during his schooling career he actually achieved 100% passes from Grade 1 to Grade 12, when this boy left school he didn’t know what would happen to him and later that year he was contacted and is now the First Engineer to have worked on a Oil Rig. So this would illustrate that with applying your mind correctly, good things will happen! Its just the matter of when.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Training wheels

Caption: Sometime or the other we have experienced this moment.

In the age that we are living in almost everything and everyone needs to b trained sometime or the other, from learning to take your first steps, to the awkward moment of trying to ride a bicycle. Children attend school for 13 years of their lives, these 13 years help mould them into future leaders and even the next president.

There are many programmes, courses and items you do in order to become a well groomed individual, after your 13 years of education, you could either find a job or continue studying.

Caption: In life we need the gentle push.

From personal experience when I was 5 years old, my teacher asked me what, would you like to be when you grow up, and I replied “Teacher: I would like to be a bus driver”. At this stage many people laughed not realising why I had said that. She later asked me and I said that my family does not have a car and therefore I would like to drive them around etc.

Sometime or the other we will get that gentle nudge without the training wheels and you’ll peddle and peddle. When peddling you would move towards the world you would like to have around you as well as the world you would love to live in, with the perfect career, life etc.

Feelings follow behaviour

Caption: It gets to the point in where you'd snapand you'll eat anything around you.
Source: theconnectome.wordpress.com

In order to truly try and understand, why feelings follow behaviour, I would take a look at the definition of feelings. According to Anon, “Feelings are the sensitive side of one’s nature”. There are many sensitive items that we as human beings hide within ourselves and with one statement or comment they will be released immediately which would alter our behaviour quite a bit.

Caption: Road rage is a huge form of feelings following behaviour.
Source: thecrosshairstarder.com

According to Anon, “Behaviour is the manner of believing or the way of acting or the actions and ways on conducting oneself”. If an issue becomes widely spoken about, for example: Velvet Sky being liquidated. Many people booked tickets with this airline but on one day the entire company fell down and no airlines were able to fly. On May 11, 2012 an article was published on @SABCNewsOnline which stated that Velvet Sky is placed under provisional liquidation. Following this tweet there were approximately 10 responses stating that Velvet Sky still needs to refund clients.

We as human beings, are so easy to blame one another and when things don’t do our way, we take it out on the person or people who have absolutely nothing. If we feel that something is wrong we usually react to it without thinking and this could lead to drastic consequences.

I would suggest that you can start right now by altering your behaviour and think carefully about what the repercussions could be before your feelings and behaviour could get the better of you.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Stuck on an Island.

Source: Sodahead.com
Caption: A few things that others are doing while stuck on an island.

As the title suggests being stuck on an island would not be an idle scenario, but in this post I would like to find out the following: If you were to take two items with you to an island what would it be? Keep in mind that you have shoes, socks, underwear and clothes. And NO, you can’t take a rubber duck boat or a boat or ship.

Caption: Remember after a few days you will miss everyone.

If you aren’t able to think of anything yet! I would suggest a rope, for making a raft and possibly a knife or blade to cut trees, but who knows you might want to take your laptop or blackberry, but keep in mind that you aren’t able to charge it because you can’t plug it into the sand its common sense.

Well, if I was stuck on an island I would take a knife and some rope that would assist in creating a raft that would help me get off that island.

What would you take with you?

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Please call again!

Caption: The sign which you usually see when leaving a outlet.

A very catchy statement, that many outlets either have on the exits or on receipts, but I have always wondered why ‘Please Call Again’. Because I would never have ever called them and probably will never call them in the future.

When researching the topic, I actually found that it means please come again, but because I was at a very critical age I over analysed and found problems with everything I saw.

Caption: Should I really call again?

In South Africa, there are many people who are literate or can’t understand what certain things could mean. At the age, I was I ended up going up to the manager asking him whether or not that was a mistake but because I knew everything. I told him that he was wrong.

As stated why don’t they just rename it as ‘Please come again’ although to some this might sound weird, but I feel that it would be simpler and more easily understood but No they think it sounds cool and awesome and more professional but I don’t. I personally would never call again unless they give me airtime or force me to........

Wedding cake-in-the-middle-of-the road

Caption: The most amazing looking cake, which would soon be destroyed within the blogpost.
Source: a-touch-of-luxe.blogspot.com

The thought of a Wedding cake being in the middle of a road or street isn’t a pleasant thought or sight. This Story is based on a fictional story. On December 23, 2012 Michael Smith, a very prominent businessman was about to get married to his dream wife and companion. Plans have run smoothly until now.

Smith and his fiancé have requested that Angel Cakes bake them a Wedding cake, according to their specifications. All is well and it seems as if everything is running smoothly. But what they didn’t know is that something out of the ordinary would happen.

The most amazing cake was been baked and consists or 5 layers of pure white and milk chocolate, decorated with Lindt chocolate. It was an amazing sight.

Caption: The biggest truck which Angel Cakes could find, which would later let them down.
Source: flickriver.com

On December 22, 2012 at 12:00 Angel Cakes were about to transport the cake. When they realized that this cake was too big to fit in their delivery truck and they would now have to hire a vehicle big enough. They then hired a much bigger truck. The huge cake was lifted and carried to the refrigerator and the cake needed to be transported to Lourensford Wine Estate by 14:00 on that day.

The delivery truck was locked and loaded and ready to depart from the Bakery, when the unthinkable happened. The lock on the back of the truck broke and the door unlocked itself.

The truck has now left the bakery with 20 minutes to the delivery point when the truck makes an emergency stop and the doors open. As the truck continues its journey, it drives up an extremely steep incline and the cake slowly moves towards the doors.

The cake falls into the road in front of cars swerving to avoid it but sadly a heavy duty truck collides with the cake and it is now destroyed. The truck reaches its delivery point in where the future bride and groom have come to see the cake, the driver and his colleagues look in amazement and say.................

What would the driver and his colleagues tell the future bride and groom, since there is absolutely no cake?

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Destiny does not cause accidents but decisions do!

Caption: The king of the deep blue (The Great white Shark).
Source: http://oceanlink.info/biodiversity/shark/Great-White-Shark.jpg

Last week, a championship body boarder David Lilienfeld was tragically killed by a Great White Shark in Kogel Bay near Cape Town after body boarding with his brother and friends.

Many people started pointing out that, researchers and documentary filmmakers who were working in the area earlier in the week as well as the method of their research are chumming.

“Why does a kid have to die before we start talking about the negative effects of chumming the coastline?? Pisses me off!!” wrote Karen Zoid under the hash tag “sharkattack” on Twitter.

We only begin to take steps when someone dies and this incident is NO exception to that sad reality. Documentary maker Chris Fischer defended the filming of “Shark Men” on the public platform Facebook but later offered his condolences to the family and friends.
Warnings were sent to the relative authorities about the increased shark activity but they later stated that there was a problem and have said that warnings were issued. Dirk Schmidt, a wildlife photographer said that he had called for a high shark alert to be issued, saying that possible shark-human interaction or even attacks could not be excluded.

This quote has been taken from City of Cape Town’s media releases and statement that they issued to the media. The City of Cape Town said linking the two unrelated activities is uninformed and misleading and they have been conducting interviews with eyewitness to establish what had happened and the theory thus far is that Dolphins were seen chasing fish and that could have been a reason for shark activity within the area.

Caption: A touching tribute from friends, family and surfers alike.
Source: http://campsbay.com/images/gallery/david-lilienfeld/david-lilienfeld-tribute.jpg

Well, an innocent person had to die in order for our City to reconsider warnings and this is truly sad. We need to do something in order to ensure that this does not happen again! We need to be active and ensure that our government creates programmes to prevent these scenarios from occurring and fast!

Rest in peace David Lilienfeld.

It is a poor idea to lie to yourself!

Caption: If you don’t there could be repercussions or consequences.
Source: http://www.tylershields.com/images/art/stop-lying-to-yourself.jpg

Lying to yourself isn’t an excellent idea, because there could be consequences or repercussions as a result of that lie. Whether it is big or small there are always consequences or repercussions for every action. For example, if I eat unhealthily today, let me try and eat healthily tomorrow, let’s hope that would happen. Well, unfortunately depending on your decisions you could either be messing up your future or playing mind tricks with yourself.

Split second choices could also lead to you lying to yourself, for being approached by dodgy looking men. Your immediate reaction would be fear, but your mind plays tricks on you and it might get to a point in where your mind plots things you should and shouldn’t do. But unfortunately there is a 77% chance of you actually getting robbed; your mind would automatically think “What if I walked through this area in a different route or what if I was held up by a few seconds wherever I was previously?”

Caption: A sad reality but these things do happen.
Source: http://mryoungscholar.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/lying-to-yourself.jpg

Therefore, I believe that there could be terrible consequences related to your decisions. Many people tend to tell themselves the following “if I eat this I will lose weight or even if I steal this no-one will know”. Well, in relation to the stealing example: what if you convinced yourself enough to shoplift and you end up getting caught.

I believe that for every lie you tell yourself and tell others there could be repercussions that could lead to much bigger consequences. Start today and be more responsible and don’t lie to yourself or others!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Changes that could improve your life.

Caption: Which road (lane) would you take?
Source: lewysdaviesofficial.com

Can you think of any changes that you would like to make in your life? I found 6 within my personal life. But finding the correct steps to tackle these changes are extremely hard. Well, I have found 10 facts or changes that you could make.

Caption: This man needs to change his life fast or things could become worse.

According to Donald Latumahina, The top 10 things you should change in your life to get what you want out of it are:

1. Change your priorities – this element is important if you want to life a balanced and fulfilling life.
2. Change your self-talk – When you say something is bad, you will either consciously or unconsciously develop a negative attitude about it.
3. Change you motivation – Motivation is why we do things, it gives us the power to move and work.
4. Change your habits – If there is any habit that holds you back you should replace it with a good one.
5. Change your friends – this does not mean discarding your current friends but you should change those who influence you negatively.
6. Change your commitments – if you have commitments that don’t add value to your life then end them.
7. Change your inputs – There is no way you can get high-quality outputs if you feed your mind with low-quality outputs.
8. Change your methods – using more efficient methods of doing certain things.
9. Change your intensity – If you want to produce more in a time frame you would have to increase your work intensity.
10. Change your way of spending – money is an important resource and the way you spend it will significantly affect the results you get in life.

These factors will assist you to change your life for the better. So start to do and you’ll most definitely see results in time to come!