Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The elephant in the room

Caption: These gorgeous animals need protection.

As South Africans, we usually are subjected to weird views that tourists have of our country. For example, when we are asked about living with lions and elephants in our backyards or rooms, as well as Lions as our pets just for fun we reply ‘Yes’. I know for a fact that I am extremely guilty of this, as I love a bit of fun but, I have always wondered where they got this notion from, and I’m not surprised. I actually added to the perception of animals running around our neighbourhoods.

Being subjected to conversations with tourists, we regularly entertain this chit chat, but I believe that we should rather tell the truth and explain it as it is. Many tourists are concerned about poaching in South Africa, because these precious animals are being killed senselessly. This then brings me to a question that I received from a tourist, in where they asked me, ‘About the dehorning of elephants in South Africa’ and me trying to be funny about it, I replied Yes, South Africa does indeed has a problem with poaching, but most of it is solved by Elephants, Lions, Rhino’s and other wildlife living with us in our own backyards.

A few of my colleagues were really interested in South Africa, and made the journey to South Africa, in where they attend the 2010 FIFA World Cup. They were astonished by the fact that there isn’t any wildlife roaming the streets. Apart from their experiences, my elephant stories continue to roam around, in my room and my over active mind, for the next victim.

Caption: Save these animals, because in the not to distant future they might not be here anymore.

Let’s get together and save our wildlife, our Rhino and Elephants are being poached and killed, and yet we say, ‘Our Government will do something!’ If we, do not work together no-one will. Start today, make a change and save your wildlife!

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