Tuesday, 26 June 2012

What does YOUR reputation mean to YOU????

Caption: As the image states, your reputation is truly your worth so look after it!
Source: blog.bufferapp.com

According to Anon, Reputation is, “what people think and say the character of a person or thing is; character in the opinion of others; name; repute.” When one has a reputation it would mean a lot to them, it would be as if they have achieved something.

Your reputation could be showed to anyone to prove you’re ‘WORTH’. According to Stan, ‘A good reputation would act as a great confidence booster, and it could be used to show friends what you actually do.

Your reputation is based on the image that society has about a person and thus the image is so important that it could assist an individual to receive an excellent job opportunity or at least they would become more reliable and trusted in order to carry out certain jobs or business functions etc.

I certainly believe that you should value your reputation, as it could make or break you. Whether or not, you are living a perfect life or are building a life for yourself. One suggestion that I have for you is to manage the way people see you online. Try and act professionally because believe it or not your future employees would look at your social media activities, capabilities and what you actually do. They would also look at your pictures and uploads etc. Therefore, act responsibly and regulate anything you then upload on these pages (online). Good luck!!!!!

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