Friday 15 March 2024

Maserati Corse’s Sgro says Formula E will evolve with larger battery capacity planned for Gen4 which will see longer races.

Giovanni Tommasso Sgro, Head of Maserati Corse. 
PHOTO CREDIT: Maserati Racing
The Head of Maserati Corse, Giovanni Tommasso Sgro has said that more battery capacity in the Gen4 era of FIA Formula E will mean the likelihood of longer races on full tracks ‘like it is in Formula 1’

Ten years since Formula E's inception, the championship has made major strides on several fronts, whether it be, a push to NetZero, or technological advancement, but, recently strides have been made regarding the future development of the Gen 4 era, which is expected in 2026-27. 

Generation 4, or Gen4, as we like to abbreviate names, will boast even more performance than its soon-to-be predecessors - Gen3 or 3.5 with much bigger battery capacity, and an evolved look but, until then, Formula E continues with the Gen3 era, which Giovanni Tomasso Sgro says is "extremely exciting because you have so much energy and so much exciting racing packed into shorter races.”

Max Guenther racing in the Saudi EPrix
PHOTO CREDIT: Maserati Racing
Based on the information available, the Gen4 cars will have four-wheel-drive, and more power output 600kW, with 700kW of recuperation. 

In terms of the car's look, it will be shorter, wider, and heavier than the current Gen3 car, with further details still to be confirmed, however, with more power output, and battery capacity, Formula E races in the coming years, could potentially extend from 45 minutes and one lap to a lot longer. 

“So, I think that makes it super exciting. The attention of the audience, whether you're a motorsport fan or just somebody who is interested in technology and innovation, because that's how the audience is split, not 50-50, but you have a really interesting dynamic of a really diehard motorsport fans that is interested in competition, and seeing some of the best drivers in the world compete at the highest levels,” the Head of Maserati Corse told Slipstream SA. 

“And then you have innovation and technology gurus who are following the race and following teams because they want to understand, what they are going to drive in five years, three years, or even 10 years in terms of what a manufacturer learning from being a part of the Formula E Championship? So I think it would be great to have longer races because it then means that we are evolving.” 

“We're adding innovation to these types of races, not because batteries now, and street cars are not sufficient enough. It's just that when you think of these high-caliber drivers going 250, 260, 270 kilometers an hour in some races and some of the circuits that we have, you understand that more power, more speed is going to absorb more energy from the battery. So I think that if we get to longer races, it means that we've evolved and we've done a great job of doing so.”

“So I'd be very excited to see longer races, longer circuits. And I think it's just a matter of time before that happens.”