Friday 29 September 2023

Achieving ‘perfection the quickest’ will make the ‘biggest difference’ with equal cars.

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The 2023 FIA World Rallycross Championship returns after nearly 3 months following a destructive fire at Lydden Hill in July, which destroyed two Lancia Delta Evo-E’s, the Special One Racing’s equipment, and a truck. 

As the extensive investigation continued over weeks and months, the 2023 championship seemed in doubt, however, the FIA World Motor Sport Council [WMSC] took an unprecedented decision through an e-vote to continue the season with equal machinery citing ‘logistical complications and the continued investigation.

The decision was taken that all drivers will compete in equal cars – the ZERIOD X1 [RX2e] vehicles. A car that was designed to ‘emphasize the drivers' abilities behind the wheel, prioritizing his or her skill and ingenuity.’

The ZEROID X1 vehicles generate 270kW (362bhp) of power and up to 510Nm torque, but with equal machinery, what will be the defining difference between winning and losing with four rounds remaining?

“It’s got a lot to do with the driving,” Kevin Hansen explained. “When the cars are so similar. It then goes down to the driving and the very fine engineering details. Everyone will have the same or similar adjustments, so it will all come down to the absolute smallest of ideas, compared to when we develop our own cars.”

“It will all come down to finding the perfect balance with this type of car. I think for sure, it’s going to be a big challenge, but we have some experience, and hopefully, we can put that together.”

The Hansen brothers’ together with Kristoffersson Motorsport competed in the ZERIOD X1 cars earlier this year in the penultimate round of the RX2e championship in Mettet [Belgium], with championship leader Kristoffersson claiming victory. 

The 25-year-old Hansen, admits that the ZERIOD X1 car “suits my driving” style. 

“The ZERIOD X1 cars, which I actually used to drive [earlier in my career]. It is very similar in the base, and I have had good results, and a lot of learning from that style of car,” Kevin said. 

“It’s a style of car that really, really suits my driving. and I really enjoy driving it a lot. I drove in the car in the last few months, we competed in Mettet [Belgium] earlier this year, where for the first time, we set the pace, as the Hansen team, and Kristoffersson team had to play a bit of catch-up.”

“[So, I think] we are in a good place, and we are hopeful, that we continue that strong performance. Obviously, Johan [Kristoffersson] is leading the championship, and he is a very strong driver, and my brother will be in the most similar material as well. So, it’s going to be very challenging. But, I think we have great support from our family team. And, I think we have the best chance coming down to Cape Town to win the race.” 

Kevin Hansen [left] and Timmy right] chatting in Belgium.
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With a healthy 23-point lead in the 2023 FIA World Rallycross Championship, Johan Kristoffersson is the favorite to lift a sixth title this year, however, Timmy Hansen admits that despite a sizeable gap in the championship, adapting to the RX2e cars will be crucial. 

“He [Johan] has had a fantastic season, and, he has a big lead in the championship. I’ve had two retirements earlier in the season. On two occasions, the FIA safety light came on after big G-force [impact], and I had to retire from the race[s], so me being in fifth, and Kevin is third. Of course, we want to get there, but it’s more about this stage of being in the middle and having to adapt to these new cars. You need to drive in a different way,” Timmy Hansen said. 

The 2019 World Champion admits that he struggled to adapt to the ZERIOD X1 cars when driving in Mettet earlier this year. 

“I was struggling a bit at the race in Belgium. I struggled with not having the power on the exit of the corners that I’m used to. These cars have about 200kW’s less. So, they are 300kW instead of 500 now,” he said.

“I need to adapt, but also I’ve been working super hard. I’ve been driving different cars, and I have been trying to get my head around this different driving style. That is really where my head is at, and I am going to arrive in Cape Town giving it my everything. I am going to do things differently from what I did in Belgium. I need to figure out exactly how to get the most out of this car, and then hopefully, we can fight for the win and whatever that means at the end of the story, whatever that means for the championship is a different story, but I want to be competitive, and that is the focus.”

“I think this is all very interesting – it’s a new equal playing field for us all, and it’s about who can get to that perfection the quickest, and it’s not going to be a big difference between the cars that we are in. It’s going to be more about the driver. So, I need to be sharp on the day, and just go fast.”

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Monday 25 September 2023

With equal cars ‘it’s all about the fastest and smartest driver’ - Veiby.

OC Veiby leading team-mate Johan Kristoffersson in Mettet. 
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Ole Christian Veiby is excited for his first trip to Cape Town for the World RX of South Africa (on 7-8 October) and predicts that with equal machinery ‘the fastest and smartest driver’ will prevail. 

The FIA World Rallycross Championship is returning to South Africa next month after a four-year hiatus - but is also returning to action following a mid-season pause as a result of an ongoing investigation due to a destructive fire that destroyed Special One Racing’s cars, equipment, and truck in Lydden Hill back in July. 

With a lengthy pause on the championship, OC Veiby returned to the cockpit alongside team-mate Johan Kristoffersson, and the Hansen brothers, Timmy and Kevin, who all participated in the FIA RX2e championship round at Mettet in Belgium – enabling them to gain some initial experience in the ZERIOD X1 that he and his rivals will be driving in Cape Town, South Africa. 

“We raced in Belgium, and we have some experience with the cars [ZERIOD X1], and it is a bit different from what we are used to. We need to adapt to that, but the cars are completely similar,” he said. 

The 27-year-old Norwegian admits that the RX1e cars they started the electric era with are relatively similar, because all teams use the Kriesel-developed battery packs and electric motors, with the only real difference coming from the suspension, dampers, etc., but in Cape Town and Hong Kong [season finale], all teams and drivers will race with equal cars, with the only difference coming from “small set-up” changes. 

“The cars that we are used to racing this year were also quite similar – we have the same battery pack, we have the same motor and everything. So, they were also quite equal. The only difference was the suspension, and what you could do in that area,” the Volkswagen Dealerteam BAUHAUS driver said. 

“Now they are completely similar [with RX2e cars]. We raced with them in Belgium, and we have some experience with the cars. It is a bit different from what we are used to. So, we need to adapt to that, but the cars are completely similar.”

 “There are small things that we can do with the set-up, to make it faster. So, it’s all about the fastest and smartest driver.”

Tuesday 19 September 2023


Johan Kristoffersson battling Timmy Hansen and OC Veiby.
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Lights Out and Away We Go… After four long years, the FIA World Rallycross Championship returns to the shores of Cape Town, South Africa for a double-header at Killarney International Raceway on 7 & 8 October 2023.

The Killarney International Raceway has staged a round of the championship since 2017, the first FIA World Championship to be held in Sub-Saharan Africa in over 20 years. 

Having dominated the World RX of South Africa in 2017 and 18, five-time World Champion Johan Kristoffersson returns leading a star-studded line-up featuring, history maker Klara Andersson, the Hansen brothers’, Niclas Gronholm, Timo Scheider, Ole Christian Veiby, and Rene Munnich. 

2019 World Champion Timmy Hansen, will also return to the circuit, where he clinched his maiden title in a rather dramatic season finale. Fast forward to 2023, another title could be clinched in Cape Town… but, why should you attend the 2023 FIA World Rallycross Championship? Here’s why:

The ZERIOD X1 [or RX2e] car blueprint.
PHOTO CREDIT: FIA RX2e Championship

The FIA has made an unprecedented decision to continue the 2023 World RX championship with RX2e cars [better known as ZERIOD X1], as the investigation into the destructive fire that gutted Special ONE Racing [RX1e] in Lydden Hill continues.

The ZERIOD X1 is the formal name of the spec car used in RX2e. Developed by QEV Technologies, it weighs 1,170 kg and is capable of 335 horsepower with 510 Nm of torque.

Seven of the 8 confirmed drivers have driven the RX2e cars earlier this year, with Kristoffersson winning the penultimate round of the RX2e championship. 

The FIA homologated Cape Town RX track layout.
Source: FIA

The very fast Killarney track is 1.060 km in length with some high cornering speeds, making it an awe-inspiring test of commitment with its high grip nature, including its average speed of approximately 95.87 km/h. 


With a healthy 23-point lead in the drivers' standings, should Kristoffersson win both rounds [double-header] scoring the maximum amount of points available. He could be crowned a six-time World Champion on South African soil. 


South Africa first hosted a round of the FIA World Rallycross Championship in 2017, with Johan Kristoffersson winning the inaugural event, and returning a year later to win it again. 

The Mother City is happy stomping ground for the Super Swede, as well as, 2019 World Champion Timmy Hansen, who clinched the crown in a rather dramatic final. 

Level on points, it was ‘mano a mano’ in the 2019 final. Andreas Bakkerud had a lightning launch to lead the way, but in the tight sweeping turn 7, he ran a touch wide, which opened the door to Timmy Hansen, and he went for it. The two collided sending Bakkerud into the wall and Hansen spinning off the track, with Niclas Gronholm taking the lead. 

The Finn claimed victory, but who would clinch the title behind? Andreas Bakkerud finished second ahead of Timur Timerzyanov, with Timmy Hansen in fourth. But, by virtue of the countback rule, Hansen was declared the champion, after a lengthy investigation.


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A Trackside Bar ticket can also be purchased for R1,950 per day, with on-site parking also available.

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Wednesday 6 September 2023

The FIA makes unprecedented call to continue World RX Championship with RX2e cars.

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In an unprecedented move, the FIA World Motor Sport Council [WMSC] has voted to continue the 2023 World Rallycross Championship in single-make RX2e [ZERIOD X1] vehicles.

Two months after a fire gutted the Special ONE Racing team's cars, hospitality unit, and truck at Lydden Hill circuit, the dual-surface championship will resume in Cape Town for a thrilling double-header, a venue that saw the 2019 title come down to the wire. Thereafter, the championship heads to Hong Kong, for its first-ever Asian round. 

"It’s so important that we are able to complete the season, where we will see closer racing than ever with everyone running the same specification of cars," Kenneth Hansen, Hansen Motorsport Team Principal, said.

Niclas Gronholm and Klara Andersson, mixing it up with the full-time RX2e drivers.
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Having announced the resumption of the championship, the FIA highlighted the fact that the decision was not taken lightly, as the investigation continues, "and the logistics timeframe of shipping cars to Cape Town." 

"Rallycross Promoter is absolutely committed to travelling to Cape Town and Hong Kong for the final rounds of the season," Arne Dirks, Rallycross Promoter Managing Director, said. "What is absolutely paramount is that the world’s best drivers are there to compete, and we are absolutely certain that fans will be treated to a spectacular weekend of action in both locations."

“We thank the teams for their fantastic cooperation in making sure we will have a pulsating completion to the 2023 season.”

So, what are these ZERIOD X1 [RX2e cars] you ask? Well! The RX2e cars were designed to emphasize the abilities behind the wheel, prioritizing driver skill and ingenuity above all else. These cars have an output of 362 horsepower [270kW], these cars are underpowered compared to the RX1e cars - they produce 680 horsepower [500kW].

Whilst reading that might seem like a letdown. Just keep in mind that having drivers compete in "equal machinery" could really add additional spice to the championship, and could put a stop to Johan Kristoffersson and Volkswagen Dealerteam BAUHAUS' dominant run. Or will it?

The championship might have fallen silent, as investigations continued in the background, but the star drivers and teams kept racing with, Kristoffersson, Veiby, Gronholm, Andersson, Timmy, and Kevin Hansen all competing in RX2e championship rounds.

"It’s great that everyone will be using the RX2e cars for what will be two great events to finish 2023. We have great memories from Cape Town, where we won our first World RX Drivers’ title in 2019, and also Hong Kong on a brand-new city center circuit," Kenneth Hansen said.

A minimum of eight drivers have been confirmed for the World Rallycross of South Africa next month, so to avoid disappointment get your tickets today.