Monday 29 November 2021

"I gave it everything until the very end" - Timmy Hansen.

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Timmy Hansen left satisfied despite coming out second best to title rival Johan Kristoffersson in the tense World RX of Germany final at a snowy Nürburgring on Sunday

Having entered the final weekend (double-header) of the season with a 17-point advantage, Timmy Hansen had one target in mind, and that was to limit the gap between himself and countrymen Kristoffersson. 

On Saturday, the gap was brought down to just four points, after Timmy was disqualified from the final for contact with Niclas Gronholm. Had he not been penalized the gap would have been 9 points to Kristoffersson heading into the final day, but that was not to be. 

Sunday saw Timmy Hansen top the one-lap morning warm-up session just fractionally faster than Johan, but the three-time World Champion fought back to win Q1 with Hansen right behind in second. 

With two qualifying sessions remaining (Q2 and 3), Kristoffersson maintained his lead at the front claiming the top qualifiers spot, sealing pole position for the all-important semi-finals. 

Just requiring a handful of points on Sunday, the Hansen World RX Team claimed their third FIA World Rallycross Teams’ Championship with the semi-finals and finals remaining.

World RX of Germany - FINAL
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Johan Kristoffersson won semi-final one sealing pole position for the final, whilst Timmy Hansen had to win semi-final two to line-up alongside his rival and have a chance to win the title. But, after a slow start, Niclas Gronholm had other plans after his very good start immediately bolting over to try and cover off Timmy, but because he was not 100% clear of the Peugeot driver. They made contact sending the Finn sideways... and off at turn one. Hansen won the semi-final but was later handed a 7 second time penalty dropping him to third.

Kristoffersson on pole for the final, with Kevin Hansen alongside on the front row, and Timmy Hansen on the back row of the grid with a 3 point lead in the championship. It was all to play for... 

From pole, Kevin had a very good start from second place immediately blocking Kristoffersson, with Timmy right behind. As the final progressed, the younger Hansen brother slowed down the pace hoping that Timmy would be able to overtake his rival, but due to dirt blocking his windshield the visibility was very low hampering his pace. 

Johan went on to finish third and Timmy fourth, which meant the drivers’ championship ended level on points. A scene last-seen in 2019, where Timmy Hansen came out victorious, but this time around with three wins to his name. It was Johan Kristoffersson who clinched a fourth world title on countback. 

"This has been a fantastic season we've had with plenty of success and some great rallycross action. I gave it everything I had right until the very end but it feels a bit unfair with the size and number of penalties that were handed out this weekend. Opportunities to get the job done were taken away because of that and I don't agree with the outcome of those judgments, of course," Timmy Hansen said.

"We were on the top of our game today, doing everything we could and should have, and were right where we had to be. In the end, we finished equal on points and that explains the story of the season really. Johan was unlucky when we were on form and winning three events back-to-back with one-two finishes; towards the end, we had our own fair share of bad luck.

"It's a hell of a story, one that's great for the sport. I'm proud of this season and proud of my performance this weekend, my team, and my family. I'm looking forward to the future."

Despite coming out second best to Kristoffersson this season, the 2021 runner-up Timmy Hansen congratulates the newly crowned four-time World Champion.

"Johan did a fantastic job this weekend," Hansen said. "He knew he had to come here and win everything. He pulled off a great performance and if you are going to lose, I suppose that is the way for it to happen. It's a great sporting achievement by him."

Sunday 28 November 2021

Kristoffersson overturns deficit to clinch fourth title, as Grönholm wins dramatic final at the Nürburgring.

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Johan Kristofferson overturned a four-point deficit to claim a record-breaking fourth World Rallycross title, as Niclas Grönholm won the final round of the season at snowy Nürburgring.

Before proceedings kicked off for the final day in Germany, the FIA issued Herve Knapick with a €250 fine for a breach of the COVID-19 quarantine protocol after the Frenchman tested positive for COVID-19 after two positive tests (Antigenic and PCR tests). This all happened after he was transported to the hospital following a scary accident in Q1 yesterday. 

Having demonstrated that he is a force to be reckoned with just a day earlier (Saturday), a calm Kristoffersson approached the final in the same attacking fashion.

Q1 saw the three-time World Champion lead from the front winning the session by 1.541s over Timmy Hansen followed by Krisztian Szabo, Anton Marklund, Niclas Grönholm, Yuri Belevskiy... with Kevin Hansen down in tenth. 

The conditions were a lot better on Sunday, as Timmy Hansen beat rival Kristoffersson in the Q2 heat, but it was Enzo Ide who won the session by 0.366s ahead of Hansen. After a strong second qualifier, Kevin jumped up the rankings to fourth followed by the GRX-SET duo of Szabo and Grönholm. 

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With one qualifier remaining (Q3)... who will come out on top? 

It was a straight fight between the two-title protagonists - Timmy Hansen and Johan Kristoffersson.

Belgian Enzo Ide was on pole for the final qualifier with Hansen alongside, Kristoffersson and Kevin Hansen right behind.

The 2019 Champion had a very good start from second but ran deep into turn one, and with a smart cutback, Johan took the lead where he would remain to the checkered flag with Timmy Hansen right behind in second. The result meant that the KYB EKS JC driver claimed the top qualifiers spot ahead of Niclas, Timmy, and Kevin Hansen. 

The Hansen World RX Team were declared teams' champions after the three qualifying sessions.

Having finished second behind Johan - the three-time World Champion took one point out of Hansen's 4 point lead. The race to be World Champion was well and truly on! 

In semi-final one, Johan was in pole position with team-mate Enzo Ide alongside. Ide did not have the best of starts, as he hit Szabo (in the rear bumper), whilst Yuri Belevskiy also hit his rear bumper sending the Hungarian into a spin. 

The FIA Stewards failed to note or investigate Ide for the incident placing the blame solely on Belevskiy who was later disqualified from the semi-final. 

Kristoffersson won his respective semi-final ahead of Ide with Guerlain Chicherit claiming the final spot in the final.

The dramatic turn one incident in semi-final two
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The second semi-final was rather dramatic... Timmy Hansen had a rather poor start from pole position, as Niclas Grönholm immediately tried to cover him off by blocking the inside line, but because he was not entirely clear. The momentum of both cars sent Niclas sideways and he slid off at turn one. 

The Hansen World RX Team driver lead from turn one to the checkered flag with younger brother Kevin right behind followed by Gronholm, Anton Marklund, Stefan Kristensson, and Davy Jeanney. 

Hansen was later handed a 7-second time penalty for "pushing and overtaking" demoting him to the final row of the final in Germany. 

With a one-point between the championship protagonists. Everything indicated that Johan would be champion if he makes it through turn one first...

Snow began to fall, as the tension built up on the grid for the season finale. Johan Kristoffersson on pole with Kevin Hansen alongside, and Timmy Hansen on the back row. 

Pole wasn't the place to be, as Kevin Hansen pulled clear of his fellow countrymen to lead into turn one, as Enzo Ide, Timmy, and Niclas got too close for comfort... a rallycross sandwich, with Ide on the outside spinning before the aggressive kerb at turn one.

Through turn one Kevin lead the way from Kristoffersson, Timmy Hansen, Niclas Gronholm, Chicherit, and a recovering Ide.

Feeling like he was being held up, the Audi driver immediately took the joker lap with Timmy on full attack diving into the joker carrying so much speed and momentum that the two made contact. They both emerged from the joker ahead of Enzo Ide... The race was on!

In an attempt to come out ahead of a flying Kristoffersson, Kevin Hansen took his joker a lap later and merged right in front of Chicherit, Kristoffersson, and Timmy. 

Into turn one, Kristoffersson used his straight-line speed to immediately dive up the inside of UNKORRUPTED driver to claim third in the running order. Whilst Timmy Hansen got stuck behind Chicherit but a few corners later he took the joker lap allowing Hansen to close on his rival ahead. 

Halfway through the final, Kevin Hansen began to slow the pace down controlling an attacking Kristoffersson behind in hopes of his older brother closing in and overtaking him. With the pace slowing down, Niclas was able to keep pumping in faster laps and create a good buffer for Hansen in second. 

As Kristoffersson continued to pile pressure on Kevin, his older brother slowly started dropping off the pace The younger of the Hansen brothers' did not buckle under the immense pressure holding him off as best as possible.

With just one lap in the final, the KYB EKS JC driver had another look on the inside of Kevin Hansen into turn two, as the Finn took the last lap joker to comfortably win the final by +4.011s ahead of Kevin Hansen closely followed by Johan Kristoffersson, Timmy Hansen, Guerlain Chicherit and Enzo Ide.

Directly after the final, Grönholm said: "The target was to try and win at least one race this season and we achieved that. We had quite good speed all weekend. There was some carnage in the first corners. It didn't look good for me after turn one, but I managed in the end. The guys calmed me down after the semi-final incident. It was good at the end and good tactics with the two cars in taking the joker, and I knew if I was the third car I would lose out. After that, I pushed hard for six laps." 

Kristoffersson finishing ahead of Timmy Hansen in the final meant the title rivals were level on points, a scene similar to that seen in 2019 in Cape Town, where Timmy Hansen came out on top, but this time it was not to be for the Swede, as he's fellow countrymen Johan Kristoffersson claimed the 2021 FIA World Rallycross Championship title on countback (of victories).

"To be able to take the fourth title with a new team, a new car/brand is just fantastic. It's been an extremely hectic season as well," Kristoffersson said.

"In Q1 Race 1, Barcelona we got a penalty and were disqualified at that point we didn't think about it because it was going to even itself out over the year. But, when it comes down to the last race in the last event then when every point counts it's extremely important.

"So, I am just very happy to be able to be here we had an extremely difficult start to the season, especially in France when we were looking good for a win and when I came back to the team they were just in tears. Now, I am looking forward to going back to them with a championship-winning trophy, and they will be in tears again."


1. Niclas GRÖNHOLM (FIN) GRX-SET World RX Team - 6 laps

2. Kevin HANSEN (SWE) Hansen World RX Team +4.031


4. Timmy HANSEN (SWE) Hansen World RX Team +5.480


6. Enzo IDE (BEL) KYB EKS JC +16.091


1. Johan Kristoffersson, KYB EKS JC - 217pts

1. Timmy Hansen, Hansen World RX Team - 217

3. Niclas Grönholm, GRX-SET World RX Team - 197


1. Hansen World RX Team - 408pts

2. GRX-SET World RX Team - 359

3. KYB EKS JC -  342

Saturday 27 November 2021

Kristoffersson within touching distance of fourth-title, as title rival Hansen is disqualified in Germany.

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Timmy Hansen's lead in the FIA World Rallycross drivers' championship has been cut to four points, as three-time World Champion Johan Kristoffersson reigns supreme in a tricky World RX of Germany - Round 8 on Saturday afternoon. 

After overnight snow at the Nurburgring, conditions were quite treacherous, and that was seen when practice eventually got underway after a 30-minute delay. Driver's were slipping and sliding trying to find the ideal line, etc.

Whilst the Hansen brothers' topped the practice session, Kristoffersson was right behind ready to strike back.

Kristoffersson topped Q1 ahead of newcomer Yuri Belevskiy, with title rival Timmy Hansen in third after winning his respect heat, but the most worrying moment of the first qualifying session was when Herve Knapick's Citroen launched off a kerb on the entry to turn four, which launched his car into the trackside catch fence. 

Race control later reported that Knapick was "okay" and was transported to the hospital for precautionary checks. No updates have been provided as yet [find the update on @JunaidSamodien_ on Twitter]

Herve Knapick's Citroen following the collision with the barriers.
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The FIA Stewards later announced the cancellation of Q3 due to time constraints meaning two qualifying sessions would dictate the top qualifying positions for the semi-final and final.

With a good start, Niclas Gronholm went on top Q2 ahead of Yuri Belevskiy and Johan Kristoffersson, with Timmy Hansen in fourth. 

A quick turnaround saw the top 12 line-up on the grid for the semi-final. 

The KYB EKS JC driver did not have the best start, as Gronholm led on the run to turn one, but outbroke himself and ran wide allowing Kristoffersson to slip past and take the lead. A position that he would remain to the checkered flag sealing pole position for the final. 

The GRX-SET World RX duo Gronholm and Krisztian Szabo progressed to the final as well, as Guerlain Chicherit, title hopeful Kevin Hansen and Stefan Kristensson would go no further. 

Having finished fourth after the two qualifying sessions, championship leader Timmy Hansen started alongside Yuri Belevskiy, and with a slightly better start, the Swede tried to capitalize on his speed into turn one but ran a touch wide, with Belevskiy sliding through to take the lead. From there, the debutant was untouchable winning semi-final 2 ahead of Timmy Hansen, Enzo Ide, Davy Jeanney, Anton Marklund, and Tamas Karai. 

Timmy Hansen was later handed a five-second time penalty for contact with Ide, demoting him to the back row of the grid for the final.

A messy turn two with drivers battling for position on track in the final.
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The scene was set for a mouth-watering final (round eight), with Kristoffersson on pole and Yuri Belevskiy alongside him (in a recently purchased EKS Audi S1).

Could the RX3 Champion beat the reigning World RX Champion? It was time to find out!

Johan had a great start off the line, as Yuri bogged off the line. Starting from row two, Enzo Ide quickly jinked right to try and cover off Timmy Hansen who started behind on the last row. 

Trying to capitalize on track position should Kristoffersson run wide, Gronholm slotted in behind the bumper of the Swede. 

Belevskiy's poor start sent him backward, whilst Gronholm took a heavy hit from Enzo Ide launching his Hyundai i20 into the air, as the cars slowed for turn 1. But that was not all for the ice-cool Finn. He also had a slight nudge from Timmy Hansen who jumped on the side... the contact from both drivers send Niclas off at turn one rejoining in last. 

With the drama behind, Belevskiy capitalized and slide up the inside of Hansen into turn 2. The latter tried fighting back up gave up the ghost following the debutant with Krisztian Szabo, Enzo Ide, and Niclas Gronholm behind. 

On the run down to turn four, Enzo Ide pulled off the track with some sort of issue, but soon rejoined, as Krisztian Szabo immediately opted for a first-lap joker. 

As Kristoffersson slowly began to draw clear from the pursuing Belevskiy, Timmy Hansen hung onto his bumper ready to pounce should he make an error. But, having seen that he was fractionally faster, Hansen ducked into the joker lap trying to gain an advantage. 

Hansen emerged from the joker lap right behind Niclas Gronholm and ahead of Szabo who jokered on the first lap.  

On a full push from lap 3, Kristoffersson was already 2.237s clear of second-place running Belevskiy, as Hansen continued his charge. 

In a formation for at least two more laps... the KYB EKS JC driver continued to stretch an advantage over Belevskiy.

With just a joker lap to go for the top three runners: Kristoffersson, Belevskiy, and Gronholm. Would Timmy Hansen be able to gain a few places? 

At the merge, Kristoffersson came out comfortably in the lead, but it was Timmy Hansen who just about came out ahead of Belevskiy to take second, with Krisztian Szabo in fourth followed by Niclas Gronholm and Enzo Ide (in fifth) at the checkered flag. 

Kristoffersson describes the day, as "mentally tough" due to the delays and other drama behind the season. 

"The day started with a lot of snow and I really enjoyed that. Such tricky conditions! Then I tried to adapt to a new track with snow, and no studded tyres. It was tricky but very eventful," Kristoffersson said.

"I didn't have the good starts today, but I managed to overtake Niclas [Gronholm] in the semi-final when he outbroke himself. 

"The visibility in the final was very difficult with the low sun and I was out first. So, I can only imagine how it was for those behind me. Timmy coming from the back row to finish second is good. He is up for a fight tomorrow, so it's going to be a very eventful day." 

A couple of minutes after the final, Gronholm was seen walking over to Timmy Hansen opening his door and voicing his dissatisfaction for what had happened at turn one.

The Stewards later announced an official investigation into the turn one incident involving Niclas Gronholm, Enzo Ide, and Timmy Hansen in the final, and after some deliberation. They disqualified both Timmy Hansen and Enzo Ide for "pushing and overtaking".

With the penalties awarded, Kristoffersson was the victor, whilst Yuri Belevskiy moved up a step to second with Krisztian Szabo to third. 

Having had a challenging opening half of the season due to punctures and technical issues, Johan Kristoffersson has taken a mighty leap towards clinching a four World title. He might be four points behind Timmy Hansen, but his performance today should that he was on a mission. 

If Timmy Hansen hopes to win a second title, he would have to outperform a highly motivated Kristoffersson, and outperform him in nearly every area, as the slightest area will be costly. 

Friday 26 November 2021

Timmy Hansen feels "much more relaxed this year" heading into the World RX finale.

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The Hansen World RX Team is heading to the FIA World Rallycross season finale with a lead in both the drivers’ and teams’ championships, as Timmy and Kevin Hansen prepare to do battle at the famous Nürburgring circuit.

The older Hansen brother, Timmy arrives in Germany with a 17-point lead in the drivers' standings over nearest rival Johan Kristoffersson, putting him in a strong position to chase after a second world championship title to add to his 2019 success.

"While the stakes are high this weekend I'm going to be boring and be my normal self, approaching it as normal! No tactics, no extra send, just racing the same way as I always do. I'll be trying to drive fast, be smart, and not taking too many risks. That's the only approach that we can have. From a driving perspective you can only really do worse if you rethink your approach for a title decider," Timmy Hansen said.

"It's a much nicer feeling going for a second world championship title than the first time back in 2019. I feel much more relaxed this year; I'm two years older which also probably helps! Last time I was very nervous and it was a tough weekend but now I'm feeling great and looking forward to racing these ICE cars one last time."

Whilst the 2021 season draws to a close. It also marks an end of an era. Which era you ask? Well! It will be the final weekend of the internal combustion-engined (ICE) era, as the FIA World Rallycross Championship goes fully electric in 2022. 

"This definitely feels like the end of an era, with the ICE cars going into retirement after this weekend, and we should treat it that way too," Hansen adds. "It's an opportunity to say thank you to these cars and the racing they have produced over the years. While it's sad to say goodbye to them, it's also exciting as rallycross is moving to all-electric cars next year, which should be faster than anything we've seen in rallycross before. I hope I can help the 208 WRX bow out in style."

Younger brother Kevin also remains in the title fight and is only two points behind Kristoffersson in third, ensuring he still has an opportunity to claim a first-world title.

"Coming into the season finale third in the title race and looking to make things happen at the last round isn't a new situation for me! I'm a little further behind now than in 2019 but I learned a lot that time around. This time I'll be able to enjoy it much more and try to do my best for myself and the whole team to finish off the year in style," Kevin Hansen said.

"It will be two very action-packed days; the sun goes down early at this time of year so we're doing a lot of racing in quite a small time window. That means we need to find a very clever balance between pushing and taking risks to win with avoiding mistakes, as there's so little time to make changes and repairs between sessions."

"I'll be hoping for a good grid draw and if that goes well, then it's about focusing on getting the small details right."

Both drivers’ excellent form has put the family-run team in the driving seat to clinch a third World RX teams’ championship crown in eight years, as the team holds a comfortable 61-point lead over GRX-SET with only 112 available at the last two rounds.

Thursday 25 November 2021

Guerlain Chicherit replaces Kevin Abbring at UNKORRUPTED for German double-header.

Following a headline-grabbing announcement earlier this week confirming GCK Motorsport's return to the FIA World Rallycross Championship in 2022. 

Guerlain Chicherit has today confirmed that he will replace Kevin Abbring for the season finale (double-header) at the Nurburgring this weekend. 

"I couldn't turn down a chance to visit..." Chicherit said. "Really excited to come back to World RX this weekend for a double-header at Nurburgring with UNKORRUPTED, standing in for my friend Kevin Abbring."

Abbring, who has raced the UNKORRUPTED Renault Megane R.S. RX this season qualified for the finals on three occasions this season, including a podium finish in Sweden and a fourth place in France a round later. He, unfortunately, missed the Portuguese round last month which resulted in a 10,000 euro fine for the team. The Dutchman will finish the championship in sixth overall (on 97 points). 

The team will avoid another penalty this weekend, as Guerlain takes the steering wheel of the Renault Mégane R.S. RX, he last raced in 2019. 

The team confirms: "Kevin was unable to make it so Guerlain jumped in."

After a 13-month absence from the World RX grid, the Frenchman returns in what is expected to be a proper wintery affair (snow). 

Tuesday 23 November 2021

PREVIEW: The title fight goes down to the wire in German double-header.

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After seven rounds at six different circuits, the 2021 FIA World Rallycross Championship fight comes down to the wire - a double-header season finale with a thrilling five-way title battle for the honor of being crowned world champion at the legendary Nürburgring

With 60-points up for grabs, there are five possible candidates who could clinch the title at the end of round 8. It will all come down to the execution of the perfect weekend and not making a single error as the smallest of issues could prove to be costly. 

Timmy Hansen is the leading protagonist having not finished lower than fourth so far, the Swede is closing on a second drivers' title, but with 60 points available and just a 17-point advantage, it's all to play for in Germany. 

Timmy's closest pursuer is three-time World Champion Kristoffersson - who hasn't had the best of luck finally had his championship hopes shifted into high gear when he claimed back-to-back wins in Latvia and Belgium. He has also topped more qualifying sessions than anybody else this season. If Swede has another clean weekend without any major dramas, he can overturn Hansen's lead. 

Only 19-points shy of older brother Timmy - Kevin has been fairly consistent this season having won the season-opener in Barcelona, with a fifth-place in Riga as his worst this season.

Like Kristoffersson, Niclas Grönholm had to overcome a few difficult weekends to thrust himself into championship contention with victory in the Latvian double-header, which he then reinforced with another win at Montalegre (Portugal) after his three main rivals tripped over one another in their scrap for the win.

Grönholm's GRX-SET teammate Krisztián Szabó claimed his best result of the season in Belgium last month and is also mathematically in the hunt. 

Having missed the Portuguese round (last month), Kevin Abbring returns with the UNKORRUPTED squad and will aim to continue his strong turn of form this season, whilst two-time FIA European Rallycross Champion Anton Marklund rejoins the fray after his previous World RX outing with Hedströms Motorsport at Spa-Francorchamps. 

Euro RX3 Champion Yuri Belevskiy steps up to the premier class in a Volland Racing Audi S1, whilst former World RX racer Davy Jeanney makes a comeback after more than 3 years in a PGRX Hyundai. 

Having competed in the Catalunya curtain-raiser earlier this year, Tamás Kárai returns, whilst Oliver O'Donovan returns for more action and Stefan Kristensson makes his debut in a team SKAAB prepared Ford Fiesta.

In addition to staging the title decider in Germany, this weekend will mark the final event of the World Championship’s internal combustion era, before the switch to electric power in 2022.


Based around the Mullenbachsleife section of the famous Grand Prix circuit, the Nürburgring’s 1,029m rallycross track, which was officially launched in 2020.

The start line – the highest point of the rallycross track – is located at Turn 6 of the Grand Prix circuit, with a 90-degree right-hand corner to begin the lap. The start section is only used once, against the flow of the track, with the Turn 1 right-hander being a left-hander for the racing lap.

The rallycross track drops down steeply after Turn 2, transitioning from unsealed to sealed surfaces using part of the Grand Prix circuit’s asphalt, before a second unsealed section at Turn 3, with the Joker Lap section running around the outside of the Turn 4 left-hander.

The circuit has an elevation change of more than 15 meters over the course of the lap and gradients of up to 12%, with almost the whole track lined by grandstands to guarantee fans an unrivaled viewing experience.

Track Length: 1,029m

Previous Winner: N/A

Fastest lap: N/A


Joker Lap Loss: N/A

2021 FIA World Rallycross Championship standings (drivers):

Timmy Hansen (Hansen World RX Team) 178 pts

Johan Kristoffersson (KYB EKS JC) 161 pts (difference 17 points)

Kevin Hansen (Hansen World RX Team) 159 pts (difference 19 points)

Niclas Gronholm (GRX-SET) 149 pts (difference 29 points) 

Krizstian Szabo (GRX-SET) 127 pts (difference 51 points) 

Kevin Abbring (UNKORRUPTED) 97 pts

Enzo Ide (KYB EKS JC) 89 pts

Timo Scheider (ALL-INLK Munnich Motorsport) 75 pts

Juha Rytkonen 52 pts

Mattias Ekstrom 37 pts

Oliver O'Donovan 29 pts

Hervé Knapick 18 pts

Rene Munnich (ALL-INLK Munnich Motorsport) 16 pts

Anton Marklund 14 pts

Attila Mozer 13 pts

Peter Hedstrom 11 pts

Tamas Karai 9 pts

Oliver Bennett (Xite Racing Team) 8 pts

Dan Oberg 7 pts

Mandie August (ALL-INLK Munnich Motorsport) 4 pts

Patrick Guillerme 2 pts

Round 8 and 9 World RX of Germany Schedule (CAT Times) - CET is one hour earlier. 



Q1: 11:36

Q2: 13:06

Q3: 14:36

Semi-Finals and Final: (from) 16:00

Grid Wrap Up Show: 17:00 [RX+ only]


WARM-UP: 09:15

Q1: 10:06

Q2: 12:06

Q3: 14:06

Semi-Finals and Final: (from) 16:00

Grid Wrap Up Show: 17:00 [RX+ only]


Red Bull TV (FINALS) ROUND 8 & 9 [Satuday and Sunday] - at 17:00 UTC+2 -

GCK confirms World RX comeback with iconic Lancia Delta Integrale.

GCK Motorsport has announced its return to the FIA World Rallycross Championship for the new electric era in 2022 with a iconic model based around the Lancia Delta Integrale.

Whilst the name "GCK" was not formally on the grid in 2021, Kevin Abbring still represented the brand with the Renault Megane R.S. RX under the UNKORRUPTED name. His results have been quite promising in the final internal combustion-engined season thus far, but unfortunately, missed the Portuguese round earlier this month.

A few months ago, GCK unveiled a new range of ‘Exclusiv-e’ electric restomods, based on the legendary Lancia Delta Integrale. 

The iconic Lancia Delta Integrale is steeped in motorsport success having clinched eight World Rally Championship titles between 1988 and 1992. But, after a 29-year absence, the iconic name returns to competitive racing in an electric form. 

Like all cars in the 2022 FIA World Rallycross Championship, the GCK Motorsport Delta Evo-e will use the Kreisel electric drivetrain, generating 680bhp and 880Nm of torque, allowing for acceleration faster than that of a Formula 1 car.

Not only will GCK Motorsport be back in the World RX driver’s seat in 2022, but GCK Energy will power the grid following a successful first season delivering green energy to the supporting FIA RX2e Championship.

GCK president and driver Guerlain Chicherit. said: "I’m super excited for us to be returning to the FIA World Rallycross Championship under its new electric banner. The race format suits itself to deliver one of the most exciting racing spectacles in electric cars launched so far." 

"We chose the Lancia Delta Integrale because it is a vehicle that made us all dream. It is the rally car par excellence – without doubt, the most incredible of its era – and one that remains hugely popular to this day.

"It’ll be a busy year for GCK Motorsport, and the whole team is looking forward to taking on this challenge. Motorsport is going through a significant change at the moment, with the impact felt across all industries. Playing our part in developing some of this change is what keeps us all motivated every day."