Sunday, 29 April 2012

It is a poor idea to lie to yourself!

Caption: If you don’t there could be repercussions or consequences.

Lying to yourself isn’t an excellent idea, because there could be consequences or repercussions as a result of that lie. Whether it is big or small there are always consequences or repercussions for every action. For example, if I eat unhealthily today, let me try and eat healthily tomorrow, let’s hope that would happen. Well, unfortunately depending on your decisions you could either be messing up your future or playing mind tricks with yourself.

Split second choices could also lead to you lying to yourself, for being approached by dodgy looking men. Your immediate reaction would be fear, but your mind plays tricks on you and it might get to a point in where your mind plots things you should and shouldn’t do. But unfortunately there is a 77% chance of you actually getting robbed; your mind would automatically think “What if I walked through this area in a different route or what if I was held up by a few seconds wherever I was previously?”

Caption: A sad reality but these things do happen.

Therefore, I believe that there could be terrible consequences related to your decisions. Many people tend to tell themselves the following “if I eat this I will lose weight or even if I steal this no-one will know”. Well, in relation to the stealing example: what if you convinced yourself enough to shoplift and you end up getting caught.

I believe that for every lie you tell yourself and tell others there could be repercussions that could lead to much bigger consequences. Start today and be more responsible and don’t lie to yourself or others!

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