Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Changes that could improve your life.

Caption: Which road (lane) would you take?

Can you think of any changes that you would like to make in your life? I found 6 within my personal life. But finding the correct steps to tackle these changes are extremely hard. Well, I have found 10 facts or changes that you could make.

Caption: This man needs to change his life fast or things could become worse.

According to Donald Latumahina, The top 10 things you should change in your life to get what you want out of it are:

1. Change your priorities – this element is important if you want to life a balanced and fulfilling life.
2. Change your self-talk – When you say something is bad, you will either consciously or unconsciously develop a negative attitude about it.
3. Change you motivation – Motivation is why we do things, it gives us the power to move and work.
4. Change your habits – If there is any habit that holds you back you should replace it with a good one.
5. Change your friends – this does not mean discarding your current friends but you should change those who influence you negatively.
6. Change your commitments – if you have commitments that don’t add value to your life then end them.
7. Change your inputs – There is no way you can get high-quality outputs if you feed your mind with low-quality outputs.
8. Change your methods – using more efficient methods of doing certain things.
9. Change your intensity – If you want to produce more in a time frame you would have to increase your work intensity.
10. Change your way of spending – money is an important resource and the way you spend it will significantly affect the results you get in life.

These factors will assist you to change your life for the better. So start to do and you’ll most definitely see results in time to come!

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