Friday, 8 June 2012

Every day is a good day.

Caption: Try to make every day, a good day!

If every day is not a good day, there could either be problems or reasons as to why they aren’t good. I personally wish that I could live in an era, where any and every day would be wonderful, don’t you think! Reflect on this, in relation to communication and the overall life fulfilment of both adults and children.

In those days, our lives will be much better, in that we would be closely linked and willing to assist others. For example, if a needy person knocks at your door and asks you for something to eat, our quickest responses are ‘Sorry Not Today’.

Caption: A very little can go, very far!

If we help, where help is needed the future would be great. We would not only help mankind progress but we’d help build a nation. We all live in the comfort of 4 or more walls but others out there do not have this comfort, they live on our streets. When they do approach us for help we shrug them off and in the back of our mind we think, find a job you a nuisance person. I’m very guilty of this and I do admit, I have done this in the past but I no longer will follow this practice. If I can help, in any way I definitely would.

Do you part and make the homeless feel as if every day is a good day. Try this out and tell me what you think?

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