Wednesday, 20 June 2012

It never rains but it pours!

Caption: The rain symbolises the problems we as South Africans are facingon a regular basis.

This is a phrase that you’d often hear in and around Cape Town. According to, the meaning of the phrase is: “When troubles come, they come together”. For example, in our daily lives with constant prices increases such as: Electricity, Train fares, Water, and Petrol increases, our lives are basically surrounded by payments. These increases would then lead to higher prices, and many South Africans earn just enough to put food on their tables, but at the rate of these increases are hitting consumers. We would soon not be able afford anything. It’s a scary thought but it could happen, if not controlled or stopped in its tracks.

Poverty is starring us in the face, and we need to act swiftly but without help from our government as well, we might not be able to solve it. Many Non-Governmental Organisations in South Africa are trying to alleviate this problem, by helping where they can. Namely: Gift of the Givers, who are constantly assisting those misfortunate folk, in South Africa and abroad. This would help with the growth rate of our nation and change its conditions into positive ones, so that any and every South African can feel proud to be part of this great nation.

What do you suggest we do to solve these problems?

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