Thursday 23 February 2012

Instant adrenalin boost.

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Have you ever had that feeling of racing the person next to you to the robots? Well, I have and I decided against it! Being responsible is my main focus point, but being a motorsport junky, I actually love the sight of modified cars. Men naturally have had that thought, or at least attempted to race or even speed.

Well in South Africa illegal street racing has become a growing trend. If you aren’t aware of what street racing or illegal street racing is, I’ll be giving you a crash course into it. Street racing or illegal street racing is an unsanctioned event which takes place on ‘temporary erected circuits’, better known as the public roads. The competitors usually monitor police radios and scanners, with the attempt to establish whether the area is safe to race. Once they get the go ahead from the radio monitors the actual race begins.

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According to Paul Reily, “street racers find a thrill in breaking rules. They are also known as illegal street racers of the night, in where men and women risk their lives and limbs to race their cars illegally.”

I went behind the scenes to chat with a Street racer and got his opinion on illegal racing. Anonymous said, “You’re not bound by any rules, you can race who you want, when you want and how you want. But the other driver has to agree. I’ve been racing for six years of my life and I will continue. Feeling that thrill of police chasing you is so amazing.”

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Well, if many street racers have this opinion could it ever be stopped? Most importantly would you ever consider racing illegally?

If I were the boss.

Imagine if some walked up to you, offering you there entire estate including: houses, cars, businesses, investments etc. That would be pretty amazing wouldn’t it! Well, think about it. What would you do in this situation? I’d first question him and find out why he had chosen me, and I’d then accept the offer. If that would ever happen I’d grab the opportunity and READ the fine print, because there could be consequences related to this.

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Think about it he could be the owner of a huge company in South Africa and if so you’d most likely be the new boss. The opportunities that you could have with this individual’s estate / assets could be endless. You could even be your own boss, that would be amazing, but it could also have its downfall. Having that ability or control would assist me in moulding the company or his business. We all had that dream in life to be a boss somewhere or the other, but unfortunately that had not materialised as yet, but it would dawn upon us soon!

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Where I am right now, I really wish this could be the case in terms of becoming a true business professional. While reading this piece, have you thought about what you would do?

Thursday 16 February 2012

Easy Money.

According to Investopedia, “Easy Money is defined as money that has easily been acquired.” Well this easily links with the South African daily life. Everyone’s dream is to become a millionaire or billionaire but this can only be done if the correct procedures are followed such as: working or providing a service in order to obtain this “money”.

My definition of Easy Money is crime, crime and more crime. People in this day and age look for any excuse or any attempt to obtain money and in this process, doing anything and everything in order to get that “money”. Well in South Africa and in the rest of the world money is a status symbol and many South African don’t have access to money and therefore they resort to all kinds of crimes.

Crimes such as: ATM Bombings, Minting and Printing of the South African currency, stealing copper cabling and wires, buying and selling drugs and stealing vehicles. The destruction of other people’s, lives in order to make their’s a bit better. These criminals should think about the bigger picture because there destruction leads to more money being spent and inconveniences to other. Easy money gets you nowhere!

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Two People walk out of a building into a story.

The world we are living in is more money focussed and money orientated than we ever thought possible a few years ago. An Anonymous writer once said, “Money is the route to all evil”.

A few days following the plot of cash allocations at the Five Pillars of Hell in the Western Cape, Life Boy and Great Tender where set to leave the Five Pillars of Hell, when they notice that the entire country has become cash hungry zombies. They witnessed a prominent business man being stripped of his clothes and essentials and leaving him defenceless.

Great Tender and Life Boy retreated into the Five Pillars of Hell in where they made the joint decision to buy an aircraft to fly them away from this craziness. They decided on using R9 billion, not only for buying an aircraft but to secure a home and investments in Hawaii. Within 24 hours they get ready to leave for Hawaii.

While on the aircraft Life Boy tells Great Tender that they were the main contributors to this situation. He then asks Great Tender, WHAT HAVE WE DONE?

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