Friday, 8 June 2012

Where does your passion lie?

Caption: We all have the passion to achieve excellence, and enjoy the read.

As the title suggests, doing that which you are passionate about, could really improve not only the way you perceive things but the way you look at others and the world around you. I found my passion years ago, which is motorsport together with anything related to cars. You might think, typical guy. Well, we all love certain things or we have different tastes, we are all different, with different opinions, thoughts, interpretations and understandings.

If you haven’t found your passion as yet, then I’d advise you to sit down or take some time out of your busy schedule and write down a few ideas, as to where you see yourself in the next few years.

Caption: Choosing your destiny could be hard, but choose wisely.

Think about your future, do you enjoy engaging with people or would you like to sit behind a computer for 7 hours of your working day, I surely enjoy working with people (engaging them), as well as working via a computer. But find your passion or you’ll most definitely be sorry in the come years.

A simple exercise that you could do, use an A4 Sheet of paper fold it in half or draw a line dividing the page in half. On the first section write the following word on the left hand side of the page (Strengths), followed by this on the opposite write (Weaknesses). The next step would be, being honest with yourself.

You should then write, the elements that you personally feel are your weaknesses or strengths and from that you’d be able to decipher exactly, where your passion lies.

If you are able to find your passion, then you’ll definitely reach and attain your desired goals in the not to distant future.

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