Friday 8 November 2019

Xite Racing faces unforeseen set back ahead of World RX season finale.

Xite Racing faced an unforeseen situation when they unpacked the Mini SX1 Supercar to find saltwater in the shipping container. 

The real extent of the damage was only discovered once the car was removed from the shipping container earlier this week, and after hours of labor, the team were able to repair and replace all the affected components. 

“The silica gel bags that we use in the containers to protect the car from humidity were all soaked. They were all dripping wet,” said Kevin Spencer, Xite Racing.

“Water got inside the car and into the engine bay. It meant that we had to take out the ignition coils and replace them. We changed the transponder, alternator and many other components as well.”

“We had to remove the seats and all of the internal stuff and put it back in again and dry it. So, it was disappointing really.”

After learning about the seatback, the other teams agreed that Xite Racing can do two shakedown laps (today) in order to rectify any other technical issues that may not have been found. 

“The car is running again. The other teams have agreed that we can do two shakedown laps today, and nobody has objected because they know that we have had a technical problem," Spencer added. "It doesn’t give us an advantage but it gives us an opportunity to rectify any faults because we need to run at speed in order to check if the ignition is going to work properly.”

Written By - Junaid Samodien

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