Friday 8 November 2019

TRACK WALK: 2019 SABAT World Rallycross of South Africa.

The 2019 SABAT World Rallycross of South Africa gets underway tomorrow at the Killarney International Raceway, with 16 of the best World Rallycross drivers and 13 RX2 International series stars of the future. 

A new FIA World Rallycross and RX2 Champion will be crowned in Cape Town this weekend

So, let's take a walk around the 1.067 KM circuit, which consists of 60% asphalt and 40% dirt. 

The staging area before heading to the grid. 
Once the drivers have cleaned up their tyres... they line-up in their grid slots. 
GRID BOX sensor.

A long run to Turn One.
Drivers have now reached the sweeping Turn One.
Turn 1 continues for a while before a tight Turn 2 and 3.
Sharp kerbs and a tight line is taken into Turn 2 to open up Turn 3.
Turn 3 before the jump. 
The Cape Town jump.
Following the jump... there is another straight dipping into another tight set of corners.
Another tight set of corners and we are certain that the tyre barrier will not be orange after the race weekend.
The tight sharp kerb'ed corner before the joker/standard lap.
A decision to take... standard gravel lap or the long tarmac joker lap.
We have taken the joker lap and there is a new patch of asphalt on the joker lap. A touch bumpy.
While you are running on the inside... your competitors might opt for a different strategy and take the standard lap.
At the orange tyre wall turn right.
The joker lap continues with the merge fast approaching.
The Joker vs. Standard lap merge.
After the merge... they will run onto dirt before the final corners.
Its best to keep to the right on approach to the next tyre barrier.
Keep it close to the barrier as you aim for the yellow track markers.
One final burst of speed.
AND... across the line for a lap around the Killarney International Raceway (RX track).

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