Wednesday 20 November 2019

A world-class karting track has opened in Johannesburg.

A state of the art high-end short circuit racing track has opened in Benoni, Johannesburg.

The Formula K circuit has been designed and constructed to the exact specifications required by the CIK/FIA governing body to enable classification as a “Grade A” short circuit. This makes it the only circuit in South Africa currently eligible to host world championship go-karting events.

Where it all began.
The circuit is the culmination of a vision by two brothers in 2008, Phillip and Marius Swanepoel of Formula K SA, who’ve been involved in the karting world since the 1990s. 

“We can say without prejudice that this is the best track in South Africa, and is certainly one of the best 'Arrive and Drive' tracks in the world,” Philip Swanepoel said.

The official circuit layout and business park.
The Formula K circuit is a breath of fresh air in South Africa because circuits of this caliber are typically reserved for racing drivers and their own machines, but that is the difference. The circuit will be furnished with a fleet of rental karts for the public in the search of an adrenaline boost.  

In addition to this, the track will also have a full-service centre. 

"It's not just rental karts. It's everything. We sell, we service, we tune, we race, we have a driving academy. We'll have a rotation. Mornings will be open to members and those who own karts, and afternoons (noon onwards) will be geared towards group rentals, birthday parties, corporate events, and of course drop-in rentals."

Circuit Talk.
In its standard karting configuration, the track is 1.51 km's in length, but can easily be modified to extend to 2.1 kilometers, with the addition of two back straights and a chicane. The layout can also be configured into a baby karting circuit that shrinks to less than a kilometer in length. 

"Drivers will experience many aspects of the track: There are fast sections, technical sections, a great variety of corner types, elevation changes, and several turns which are noticeably banked – a real test of driving acumen were simply figuring out your ideal racing line will take time, patience and skill," the Formula K press release said. 

That's not all folks.
The Formula K circuit forms part of a first-of-its-kind business and lifestyle park.  

The Formula K Business Park will overlook the circuit, featuring a pit building with a clubhouse containing conference facilities, a restaurant, gym, restrooms, retail stores and more.

In an explanation plan, the Formula K circuit will feature a number of new additions in the near future, including a skidpan for advanced driver training, a K53 training ground, and facilities for supercar enthusiasts.

Also available soon will be a mountain bike track and BMX track for those more inclined to a fossil fuel-free, recreational activity. Furthermore, 4x4 tracks and a Warrior obstacle course for those looking for a dose of adventure without having to venture into the wilderness will be developed.


Written By - Junaid Samodien

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