Thursday 7 November 2019

"Whoever wins will be a deserving champion!" - Timmy Hansen.

After nine grueling rounds all across the globe, everything comes down to this: the FIA World Rallycross Championship title decider at Killarney International Raceway in South Africa.

For the first time in history, the FIA World Rallycross Championship will be decided at the season finale. And, guess what? There are three in line for the ultimate crown in motorsport - Timmy Hansen, Andreas Bakkerud and Kevin Hansen. 

From hunter to hunted, Timmy leads the championship by a single point from Andreas Bakkerud, while younger Hansen brother, Kevin is still in contention but eight points behind.  

"It's the last race of the season, it's been a hectic year, and I want to enjoy this last race, enjoy being in the car again for the last time this year and no matter how it goes, we have a lot to celebrate on Sunday evening," Hansen said. "It's been a fantastic year so far and hopefully, we can end it with a good result."

It hasn't been the easiest year for the Hansen family after just about securing an entry to the FIA World Rallycross Championship following Peugeot's withdrawal from the championship in 2018. The team dug deep and partnered with Max J. Pucher [MJP Racing] and secured their future in the premiere class. In addition to the World RX championship, Team Hansen MJP entered the Titans RX European and Nitro Rallycross Championships, and they won both championships. 

"I'm proud of what we have done this year as a family and as a team, to achieve all these great results that we've already scored. It's been super enjoyable: we've done more races this year than any other year with Titans RX and Nitro RX, and we've been more successful than any other year," he added. "So far me and Kevin has scored half the wins in World RX, five in total, plus Kevin won Nitro RX and Titans RX, with a 1-2 in Titans."

"It's been by far the most successful year in our history, so if we could win the world championship as well, it would be the perfect end to the season."

"Whoever wins will be a deserving champion!"

Written By - Junaid Samodien

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