Monday 3 September 2012

Would you break the law to save a loved one?

Caption: Would you?

Of course I would, wouldn’t you! Love and passion forces you to do absolutely crazy things, whether it be proving yourself by doing something you usually wouldn’t. This then shows us that we would go through anything or would do anything for a loved one.
Believe me, if a loved one suffered a harsh crime. For example, a robber broke into my uncle’s home, in where my cousin was terribly injured. Your emotions automatically kick in and you do things you shouldn’t, namely:
1. Fight,
2. Hunt down,
3. Or even confront.
Anger and mixed emotions can lead to harsh consequences, but we end up breaking the law to ensure that our loved ones could come to terms with whatever had happened to them. If something was to happen to your family member, wife, child, husband, etc. You can’t tell me, that you will let law take its course, no matter how easy it could be to say that. In all honesty, you would only know when you are in this situation.

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