Monday 10 September 2012

100 things to do before I die!

Caption: My bucket is overflowing sadly enough.
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There are more than a million things that I’d like to do before I die, but I think it won’t come true because we all die on 21 December 2012, but let me not get started there. Below you’ll find a list of my top 68 things, that I’d love to do before I die, enjoy the read!

1. Bungee Jumping.
2. Skydiving.
3. Shark cage diving.
4. Jump off a high cliff into the ocean.
5. Scuba Diving at the Great Barrier Reef.
6. Water skiing.
7. Windsurfing.
8. Surfing.
9. Whitewater rafting.
10. Go on a Safari.
11. Go up in a Hot Air Balloon.
12. Quad biking on dunes.
13. Ride a Camel.
14. Ride an Ostrich.
15. Driving a Formula 1 car at break neck speeds.
16. Owning a Lamborghini or Ferrari.
17. Flying an aircraft.
18. Go camping.
19. Holiday with best friends.
20. Roadtrip.
21. Trip around the world (in 80 days).
22. Make a wacky snowman.
23. Go Snowboarding and skiing.
24. Living in Antarctica.
25. Throw a huge house party.
26. Go to Brazil (2014).
27. Visiting the Eiffel Tower.
28. The Pyramids of Egypt.
29. The Grand Canyon.
30. The Komodo Islands.
31. The Statue of Liberty.
32. The Great Wall of China.
33. The Roman Colosseum.
34. Vegas (what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas).
35. Monaco.
36. Learn 8 exotic languages (French, Italian etc).
37. Experience the Rio Carnival live.
38. Make R1,000,000,000.
39. Get my Fortune Told.
40. Go skinny-dipping in the ocean.
41. Abseiling off the tallest building in Abu Dhabi.
42. Get Married.
43. Have my own family.
44. Become a professional photographer.
45. Helping someone without wanting anything in return.
46. Be a teacher (for a limited period).
47. Getting my life in shape.
48. Make a difference in the world.
49. Meditating.
50. Plant a tree.
51. Own a Husky.
52. Learn to play bass guitar.
53. Learn to play drums.
54. Learn my favourite song on an instrument (Linkin Park).
55. Learn the Salaa and Jazz dance.
56. Making money from my business.
57. Building my own professional website.
58. Making a top class movie.
59. Writing a book (better than 50 shades of grey).
60. Eating insects (in foreign countries).
61. Eat something raw.
62. Catch a fish.
63. Climb Table Mountain.
64. Build something that will last for centuries.
65. Attend a concert or musical festival.
66. Sending a message in a bottle.
67. Dance in the rain.
68. Make a donation.

This is a list of 68. If you have read my blog before, there are a number of other things that I’d like to add, but what would you add to my list?

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