Monday 10 September 2012

Motorsport (brum, brum)

Caption: This is Formula 1, and you'll soon read about it.
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For those of you, who aren’t sure as to why I’m writing this blog, well it’s to inform you my readers about motorsport. Motorsport or motorsports is the group of sports which involves the use of motorized vehicles, whether for racing or non-racing competition. MotoSport refers to motorcycle racing specifically and includes off-road racing such as motocross.

In today’s age, there are hundreds if not thousands of motorsports around the world, namely:

Caption: Welcome to Drifitng!

1. Formula 1
2. Karting
3. Drifting
4. Truck Racing
5. Drag racing
6. Track (oval) racing
7. Formula VW
8. Production Car racing
9. Supercar racing
10. LeMans 24 Hour
11. MotoGP
12. FMX
13. Sideways motorcycling
14. Powerboats
15. Air racing
16. Monster Truck racing, and many more………

Motor racing is the division of motorsport/motosport activities which involve competitors racing against each other, in all of the above mentioned racing programmes or forms of racing. Motorsport is an extremely difficult sport to break into, because you need money and many of us do not have extra money for this type of hobby. Plus, your fitness levels need to be top notch, because racing involves focus and a slight itch here or there could distract you, which could lead to an accident etc.

Through, the next few weeks, I’ll be schooling you on a bit about these different forms of motorsport. Stay tuned! But sadly enough in South Africa we participate in a few forms of motorsport namely: drifting, drag racing, MotoGP, Formula VW and track (oval) racing.

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