Monday 17 September 2012

Five Easy Steps to Become a Drifter

Caption: Otto Graven, the first South African drifter to participate in Formula Drift.

Have you ever thought of becoming a drifter? Well, I have 5 easy steps that would ensure that you could become a potential drifter sooner than later. Drifting of the art of taking corners at high speeds while the rear of the car is at an angle to the corner. The drifting scene has exploded on South African soil, with many local events being hosted around South Africa. There are many people out there who fit the criteria to be a drifter, but they most likely don’t know what, where and how to get involved.

Caption: Tips on putting your car sideways!

Ernest Page a well known motor journalist and judge said, “....get a banged up rear wheel drive car. Make it reliable, lock the differential and put it sideways”. Advice given from professional drifters across the world is that you should watch drifting videos, as some videos demonstrate the techniques that we as professionals use within our careers.

Before you can actually master the art of drifting you should practice, practice and even more practice is needed as once you have mastered to control the machine (vehicle) you have one foot in the door. Some advice from the top South African drifters are, “.....don’t buy a brand new drift car, before you have learnt the art of drifting, settle for something rear wheel drive, that would survive some torture before, you really get deep into drifting, where you then will require a serious drift machine as you then enter Drift competitions and series.

Caption: Otto Graven in the house!

Otto Graven, the South Africa Drift King (D.K) said, “....If you would like to be a drifter you must eat, sleep, drink drifting, it must take over your whole life. My business revolves around drifting, so if you’re serious about drifting Monstermob has an extensive drift programme for beginners.

If you have not picked up the five steps they are: you should eat, sleep and drink the sport, buy a banged up rear wheel drive and lock the differential, watch some drift clips and try to get your hands on a copy of the Drift Bible and Initial D, practice continuously and remember not to buy a brand new car for learning how to drift, as you will damage it!

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