Monday 3 May 2021

Kristoffersson credits mechanics for victory and overall RallyX Nordic lead.

PHOTO CREDIT: Volkswagen Dealerteam BAUHAUS.
Johan Kristoffersson has taken hold of the RallyX Nordic championship after the first weekend of the season in Denmark.

The three-time world champion followed up Saturday's second place with a victory a day later.

"I'm very satisfied on the whole. We went through the whole weekend and picked up many points," Kristoffersson said.

The season opener on Saturday caused some technical problems for Johan and his team, but he was still able to claim a second-place finish behind Fraser McConnell. 

There was no time to rest for the Kristoffersson Motorsport mechanics. They frantically worked until the wee hours of the morning to prepare the car for Sunday, where Johan took home maximum points haul as the best qualifier and with victories in both the semi and final.

"A mechanic victory! A super job by the mechanics. No problems with anything today," he adds.  

Tactics are key in rallycross, as Kristoffersson saved tyres for the upcoming rounds of the RallyX Nordic championship. 

"There are a bit tougher tyre regulations here than in the World RX championship, so you have to try to make trade-offs to save on tyres," he said. 

This meant the 32-year-old lost the victory in one of the qualifying rounds, but overall he was in firm control.

"It still felt safe all the way," Tommy Kristoffersson, Volkswagen Dealerteam BAUHAUS manager, said. "We got to patch up the car and give it real love until well into the night after the first race. There were no normal work shifts that the mechanics put down."

Johan returns to Sweden not only, as the overall standings leader in the RallyX Nordic Supercar class but also as the father of a newborn daughter. Congratulations Johan! 

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