Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Electric cars to compete against ICE Supercars in Open 4WD class.

In a first for rallycross and motorsport alike, the RallyX Nordic championship has announced the FIA's approval for electric rallycross cars to compete alongside internal combustion-engine Supercars in a newly re-named 'Open 4WD' class for the remainder of the 2021 season. 

The new season kicked off over the weekend in Denmark, but moving forward, all FIA-approved rallycross EVs will be able to compete wheel-to-wheel with their combustion-engined counterparts in the RallyX Nordic's 'Open 4WD' category. 

In order to preserve the current championship battle, the series organisers have decided that "whilst electric entries will be classified in the results, they will not be eligible for points."

"The concept of running ICE and EVs alongside each other is one that has never been tried before but we have no doubt that RallyX Nordic fans and drivers will greatly enjoy the racing spectacle," the RX Promotion spokesman, said.

"The revolutionary P1 Racing BIO RACING 100% fuel has been approved for use in all RallyX Nordic classes and our aim for the 2022 season is to hold fossil-fuel-free events; this is something that is unique in motorsport and is vitally important for future generations.

"Electric vehicles and fossil-fuel-free ICE cars can now compete on a level playing field, helping us retain the dedicated fanbase and amazing atmosphere that RallyX Nordic has become synonymous with while leading the way into a new era of rallycross."

RallyX Nordic returns at Sweden’s iconic Höljes circuit on 13-16 May.

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