Monday 8 October 2012

The racing scene!

Caption: The construction of a world class truck>

We now take a look at the technical side of Truck Racing, because you might be asking. What do these trucks look like and what gets done differently from those we regularly see around use.

I will now dissect all the technical elements required for one to participate within this form of Motorsport. Trucks involved in this form of motorsport, needs to fit in line with the FIA requirements, and with this said, some trucks are built from ground up, with very stringent specifications.

The trucks are placed in a number of categories from A-F, with different regulations and specification, and to look closer at these trucks they pack a modified engine, which is able to accelerate faster, together with a better steering and braking system. There are also special tyres used and these vehicles are lightened for faster movements and speeds.

The safety elements:
  • A cage (bull bar) on the rear of the truck.
  • A roll cage inside the cabin.
  • A racing seat.
  • Racing seatbelts.
  • And, ofcourse a racing helmet and driver wearing a racing suit.

I really hope you enjoyed the technical side of Truck racing!

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