Monday, 8 October 2012

Be bold and mighty forces will come to you aid

Caption: Getting stuck on an island with absolutely nothing but a flare. What do you do?

Oh no! We are sinking. Yes, my dear reader, this week we are going in a story direction. Imagine the following, actually happening to you. You have now finished your studies, and think of taking a break by sailing on a ship to your dream destination. You now board the ship and it takes off, and you now think about all the goals and achievements you have just achieved.

Caption: Believe me, if they see the flare they will come!

It’s now 10 days into the journey, and the ship begins to sink and the closest thing to your eye is an Island, 2 kilometres away. Bad sadly, the ship Captain forgot to turn-on the tracking device for Rescue Services, and this now leads to the Captain firing flares into the sky’s and no response was obtained from this. Without a thought, you jump into the water in order to save yourself.

You and 500 other passengers on the ship are now on this deserted Island, and its day 6 of being stuck on this Island......................

What happens next?

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