Monday, 29 October 2012

The statute of limitation has expired on most of our childhood traumas

Caption: As the pictures says, great things have the possibility of coming true.


Despite all the challenges we face during our childhood we always have the power to control our future and make the correct decisions. We as individuals have dreams and plot the way forward by work towards them in order to make the rest of our lives an incredible turn around and a huge success.

To be honest, I was very lucky as a child to have a caring parents and family, have the opportunity to go to school and excel in all the activities I had been introduced to. However I honestly believe that a person who had came from a traumatic childhood is a stronger individual than we may think, some of these individuals have even more will and power to do so and achieve greater things in their lives than some us who had an easy life. These traumatic experiences add to these individuals’ characters which build their attitudes in improving themselves and everything around them.

My presumption would be that those with the will to alter and make their lives better will improve the way forward, for all parties concerned. Life is more you to live, and not for you to impress other!

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