Monday, 8 October 2012

Le Mans 24 Hour...........WHERE?????


The competiton is held near the height if the European summer in June, leading to very hot weather conditions which can make it very tricky for the racing driver, who sit in a closed roof vehicle cabin which can heat up to uncomfortable temperatures with poor ventalisation.

The race begins in mid-afternoon, in where they race through the night and following morning before finishing at the same time the race started, the following day. According to LeMans guide, (2011), “Over the 24 hour period modern competitors will complete race distances well over 5000 km. The distance record is 5410 km, recorded in the 2010 race.” These distances are covered over 24 hours, which really stretches out the true reliability of the car competing.

Le Mans hosted the 2012 endurance race, which saw Anthony Davidson crashing out in horrific fashion after he turned sharply infront of a Ferrari GT race car. This ten led to the Toyota Denso Hybrid team withdrawing in the end after their car faced a number of technical problems. Audi Quattro E-Tron WON the 2012 season!

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