Monday, 20 August 2012

You cannot chase two rabbits at the same time.

Caption: Try and chase two rabbits, and see what the outcome is!

The meaning of this phrase or saying can be related to our wants. In life we want everything and we try and run after everything which can sometimes get you nothing, because it would be almost impossible to run in two directions at the same time, unless you are a superhero, which is highly unlikely.

It is important to note your priorities because if we don’t we could lose sight of that which we strive to achieve. You should know what you want and have the capability of letting go of that which you want in order to get the most beneficial factors or sectors.

We should always work for every single thing we desire, and singling that which we want the most and having a back-up plan in case you can’t have it and this will allow you to at least have some form of achievement.

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