Tuesday 7 August 2012

Nervousness, we all face it!

Caption: We all feel nervous some time or the other.
Source: presentersforum.com

Nervousness could be defined as a number of elements but the most outstanding elements are that of Worry, and Anxiety. To be quiet frank, we are all nervous at some point within our lives and without it; life would not be the same.

This blog is not based on nervousness, but it is rather based on how to overcome it. The Positivity Blog, provides 7 tips on how to overcome nervousness, and they are:
1. Be prepared for anything.
2. Ask yourself: what is the worst that could happen?
3. Visualize in a positive way.
4. Practise, practise and practise!
5. Realize that people don’t care about what you do.
6. Stay in the present (this day and age).
7. Deep breathes.
These are basics tips that could assist in reducing or assisting you in overcoming nervousness.

If am or at least was a very nervous individual, till I used these elements which assisted me in realizing that it is greener on the other side of life, and that some people don’t care as to whether what you do. Some example of nervousness: at job interviews, on a date, important meetings or a presentation infront of your class. These are clear reasons for nervousness within you and me. Please provide any other examples!

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