Wednesday 29 August 2012

Conventional is a good fallback position isn’t it?

Caption: Wake up and smell the coffee, why don't you!

I don’t think so! If conventional was the next best thing, I would most likely be a pen, piece of paper or door mate. All of which I am not. There might come a time when life is incredibly hard, with challenges that you might no t be able to achieve on your own, but with the correct mind set you can succeed. With this I would say, conventional should never be considered as a fallback option.

An easy example, which most of you can relate to is assignments, when you receive that assignment brief it is limited to a certain extent in what they expect from you, but thinking outside of the box may help you achieve that 100% or even more. Being conventional is a very safe approach to life; however you can’t gain great things if you do not risk great loss.

Think of traveling up the stream like a salmon, when you feel restricted and believe me your mindset will change. What is your opinion on this matter of being conventional?

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