Monday 13 August 2012

Just GOOGLE it!

Caption: You can Google just about anything!

The convenience of Information Technology or technology in the 21st century is so extreme that with a ‘click’ of a button we can find information extremely easily, BUT the most commonly used term, I heard while studying was ‘Just Google it!’. The scary thing is that Google is becoming the most used search engine in the world and books or hardcopies are slowly fading away.

As a student, I do admit that I mostly use GOOGLE when researching for assignments but the innovative tools, which it now hosts are increasingly helpful, such as: Google Scholar, Google Maps etc.

Google Scholar assists you to find any form of research conducted on any subject and Google Maps has an incredible realism to it, which also displays real images, that we see with our very own eyes. This really shows how developed technology and this industry is becoming.

If you don’t know, what I’m referring to then ‘JUST GOOGLE IT’

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