Wednesday 30 October 2019

Red Bull Racing: 2019 United States GP Preview.

Alex Albon #23
"I’ve never driven the track in Austin but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. The circuit looks really fun, especially the first sector, and it’s a bit like Suzuka so I’m excited to get there and experience it. The US Grand Prix seems like a cool race, I think you have a bit more downforce on the car than in Mexico which makes it more fun to drive. This will also be my first proper time in America so I’m excited to experience the culture and of course the food! On the simulator, the track seemed quite bumpy and I think it’s built on a marshland if I’m not mistaken, so apparently you can feel that. On this kind of track, it’s very much about rhythm so it will be important to get into that early in the weekend. There’s also more run off areas so you can push the limits a bit further, but not too far! I think Mexico was a good weekend and probably one of my best races in terms of pace since joining the Team, so I’m even more excited to get to the track and continue that momentum."

Max Verstappen #33
"It’s always good to be back in Austin and it’s a cool track to have my 100th F1 race at. I enjoy America in general and especially Texas. I really like the track, it’s quite bumpy for a new circuit and it’s got a good combination of old school corners which makes it very nice to drive. Our car should hopefully be pretty competitive there and we had a fun race last year coming from the back through to the podium. A lot is possible at this track as there are so many good overtaking opportunities which makes things interesting in the race. Sixth in Mexico was not where we hoped to finish as the car was so quick but it was a decent recovery from 20th after everything that happened early in the race. Before Austin, we’re stopping in LA for the Hollywood F1 Festival which I’m looking forward to and it’s always fun to get the crowd excited with a few donuts!"


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