Wednesday 13 June 2018

Timmy Hansen: "We really need to continue in joining up all the dots."

Timmy Hansen sliding off track after being hit from behind.
PHOTO CREDIT: Peugeot Sport
Timmy Hansen has had absolutely no luck this season. The Swede retired from races with mechanical and technical issues, he also had a few incidents with other drivers. In Norway, he ended-up 5th place: a result that doesn’t reflect the speed he showed throughout the weekend. 

Having been in the top 2 of the intermediate standings, then taking victory in his semi-final heat, he went through to the final once more and scored valuable points despite taking a big hit to the rear at the start. 

"In the final I almost had the perfect start, but instead I bogged a little so I had to go back on the clutch and lost some speed,'' explained Hansen. "There was some touching: when I turned in behind Johann I was hit from behind and the engine stalled. After a few moments I was able to restart it but, by this point I was out of the race."

"The weekend felt both good and bad: good because we qualified in and won the semi-final and bad because we are not on the top step of the podium," said Hansen.

Timmy was quick in Norway, but was unable to capitalize on his speed. He aims to refocus and come back stronger. 

"We really need to continue in joining up all the dots, at every stage of the race," says Hansen"We will refocus, try to do the same job but, make it even nicer when it comes to the chequered flag in the final in Sweden."

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