Monday 4 June 2018

PSRX Volkwagen Sweden hope to unlock more pace from the Polo R Supercar.

PHOTO CREDIT: PSRX Volkswagen Sweden
PSRX Volkswagen Sweden might lead the FIA World Rallycross teams' and drivers' standings, but they have had close battles with the likes of Peugeot Total and EKS Audi Sport. 

With testing being restricted this season, and with a break coming up between the World RX of Norway and the Swedish round, Johan Kristoffersson hopes that the team can find and unlock more pace in the PSRX Volkswagen Polo R Supercar.

"I think Petter and I are really keen to try to get some testing in with the car; we have a fantastic car in the Polo R Supercar – it’s such a great package," said Kristoffersson. "But I think we have more potential with this car."

Team Peugeot Total 208 RX Supercar appeared faster then PSRX Volkswagen Sweden, but track position provided vital. Petter Solberg has had incredible starts in his Polo R Supercar, but has not had the luck of late. 

Kristoffersson believes that there is more potential in the Polo R Supercar. 

“I think we’re still to find the sweet spot with this one – there’s more to come," Kristoffersson adds. "There are some ideas, some really small details with the car which I would love to test. Will they make the car quicker? I don’t know for sure, but to try them would give us some more ideas for making the car even more perfect!”

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