Monday 25 June 2018

Petter Solberg targets a magic weekend in Sweden.

PHOTO CREDIT: FIA World Rallycross Media
Petter Solberg finally turned his luck around at his home event in Norway, claiming an all important podium. 

The Norwegian had the perfect launch in the final and went on to claim the Monster Energy Supercharge Award, but had to take avoiding action after Timmy Hansen and Andreas Bakkerud collided. '

Solberg now looks to build on the positives of Norway. He has only stood on the podium three times this year, but is very keen to make the top step in Sweden.

“I like this track. Before we have the new regulation about the testing, we used to do some running up here – it’s the closest place for us," said Solberg

The Norwegian has only won four qualifying heats in Sweden, since 2014.

"Like the last track in Norway, Höljes is the natural rallycross circuit and it’s really quick in places, I like that," says Solberg. “What I really like is the way you can use some kerbs and use the crests, jumps and dips to move the car around and keep it sliding – it’s a real driver’s track this one." 

Petter Solberg explains why he likes the Höljesbanan circuit in Sweden: 

“It’s famous, I think for three things. The first is the banked left-hand corner which leads you onto one of the fastest stretches of the season, downhill on gravel. I love this. That takes you to the second most famous part of this track: the jump. It’s a real big one. If you wanted, you could fly and fly, but all the time you have to check who’s around you and what’s going on. The focus is always on the clean landing to get the nice line into the next corner."

“The third thing which is most famous about this place is the people. There are 45,000 people here and they’re all here for a mid-summer party. It’s amazing. It really is the magic weekend."

Solberg has not tasted the sweetness of victory thus far, but has shown the speed in his Polo R Supercar. The Norwegian has the opportunity to turn around his victory drought this weekend.  

“This time, I want to make it my magic weekend," he added. "I missed the final last year because I stalled from pole position in the semi-final."

"I’m more determined than ever to get to and then make the most of Sunday’s final race.”

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