Tuesday 17 July 2012

Why is Photography so commercialised and popular?

Caption: Behind every picture is an artist!
Source: brooklynartproject.com

To be quiet frank, cameras are becoming more easily available to the consumer now than ever before. Social Media and other fields have made photography more apparent in this day and age.

My own personal opinion on this matter is that anyone and everyone has the ability to take a good picture, but capturing the moment which in the future could tell a thousand words, would set you apart from the amateur photographer out there. Especially, in the local car scene in Cape Town, we find ourselves with hundreds of people walking around with high resolution cameras, but then you think to yourself, do they really know the art of photographer.

It isn’t just about capturing an image but creating a story at the same time. At the same time it could also give your audience an opportunity to share an event or an experience with them, but I believe what makes a photographer is there passion to constantly learn and train to be perfect at capturing the perfect picture etc.

There are many well-known photographers out there that are constantly working on improving their techniques and styles but unfortunately the amateur out there primarily focus on taking pictures, other than trying to improve themselves. If you want to be a professional photographer, I’d suggest you sit down with one and communicate with them on how you can become a professional photographer. Believe me, it will pay off!

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