Thursday 12 July 2012

Online Safety

Caption: No matter who you are. It will happen to you!

We live in a world that is becoming more technically savvy, and more sophisticated. As we progress in this day and age, we are constantly required to use passwords to protect our information and accounts. Well this blog will assist you! According to NO-IP, “Choosing a password is easy; choosing a password that is safe is a complete different story.” NO-IP have formulated 10 tips for choosing a safe password to safeguard all of your accounts from fraud:

1. Choose a password with mixed case letters, numbers and symbols ($,*,@).
2. Choose a password that is NOT related to anything that has special meaning to you.
3. Use a different password for every account that you have.
4. Change your passwords frequently (every 3 months or so).
5. Don’t use a word that is found in the dictionary.
6. Make your passwords 8 characters or longer.
7. Use a virtual keyboard when entering passwords as it won’t let a keylogger program capture your key strokes.
8. Use a string of words.
9. Pick a word that you can type quickly and easily remember without having to look it up.
10. Make sure you can easily remember it!

These tips can ensure that you will never get to see or become a victim of cyber crime. It has become extremely easy for hackers and other cyber criminals to gain access into your accounts. BE SAFE, THINK SAFE and use tough PASSWORDS!! Goodluck!!!!!!

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