Tuesday 24 July 2012

The development of technology in the 21st century.

Caption: The world is in the your hands, as to either you become technologically savvy or not!
Source: k12educationtechnology.com

In the 21st century technology is being updated on a daily basis, which means we are constantly updating our technological capabilities. By updating ourselves with technology, we practically force businesses and scientists to think and become more innovative with technology.

The aim of this blog, is to prove the daily advancement of technology in this day and age. For example, Blackberry or iPhones for instance, every day or week better forms of phones or even innovative software is created, which shows that the worlds technological capabilities are constantly increasing and we need to adapt to it. Can you believe it, that whilst reading this blog post something is being developed, in some building, on some piece of land out there!

We need to become more technologically savvy, because we are slowly moving to an age where cars will probably fly, and computers would be programmed into our finger tips but lets keep it at that. We need to adapt to change as it happens, because without it, we would not be as capable as those who do and in the western world, if you don’t have one (one meaning= one item of anything). Then you would be deemed as uncool or stuck in the stone age. Move with the times or you’ll stay behind!

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