Thursday 5 July 2012

List your top 200 achievements

Caption: I have unlocked a certain amount of achievements thus far, and would like to unlock more in the future.

We all have approximately 200 achievements, if not more, which could be discussed; however I would like to list my achievements through life thus far:

1. Being born into a world full of challenges.
2. Learning how to walk and speak.
3. Being raised up to care for those around me.
4. Going to Pre-school and becoming the top student.
5. Reading my first books (if I recall they were named “Kathy and Mark”).
6. Moved up to Primary School, which was fantastic.
7. Became the Captain of the Primary School’s Cricket team.
8. Winning our first inter schools cricket competition.
9. At the Age of 14, my passion for cars developed.
10. At this stage, I was fixated on anything related to cars and speed.
11. I met Sarel van der Merwe, one of South Africa’s top racing drivers.
12. Meeting friends with the same passion.
13. Learning to ride a bicycle.
14. Learning how to build people’s confidence (Sports wise).
15. Excelling at Primary School, in where I was the third student to achieve the Silver Merit award.
16. Using rollerblades for the first time which left me with a number of injuries.
17. Learning how to swim.
18. Going for the first flight in an aircraft.
19. Learning how to drive a go-kart (Which was a nightmare).
20. Moving to High School and making new friends.
21. Receiving a tough load of work on my first day, which assisted in building my time management skills.
22. Becoming confident enough to participate in classes.
23. Overcoming stressful situations.
24. In Grade 9, I was offered an opportunity to participate in a small business development project called Junior Achievement; we started a small business under their supervision, in where we made profit of R1000.
25. Becoming a Sales Manager for the Junior Achievements programme.
26. Learning how to write and structure work correctly.
27. Breaking my shoulder during a rugby match and having my first operation.
28. Learning how to take photographs.
29. Attending The Paragon Generation, were I was taught a number of skills.
30. Becoming creative and building cars out of cereal boxes.
31. Learning how to build cars, buying model cars and building them.
32. Learning how to speak Xhosa, but reflecting on it now, it would be impossible as I remember nothing.
33. Travelling around the world.
34. Learning about other cultures.
35. Travelling by myself, which was a nightmare (long story).
36. Becoming part of my High Schools Hiking group, in where we hiked up Table Mountain.
37. Having my first experience in the Cable Car.
38. Joining the Squash Club at the High School.
39. Completing High School and obtaining my senior certificate.
40. Getting my first job at a Pizza shop in Grassy Park, in where I worked my way up the ranks.
41. Became a manager at the Pizzeria and Video Shop.
42. I met a number of people, and this was where I met a racing driver which further built my passion for motorsport.
43. While working I enrolled in an Islamic Course, in where I got to learn a bit more about my religion.
44. Buying my first cellphone (With my own money).
45. Participating in the Two Oceans Marathon and completing it in 5 hours at my first attempt.
46. Following this, I then participated in my first Cycle Tour, in where I tore my quadriceps.
47. Buying my first subscription of Speed and Sound Magazine.
48. Deciding on what I want in life, I followed my instinct and I completed a short course in Management Practice at Cape Peninsula University of Technology in 2008.
49. I began writing my first article which was published.
50. Getting my driver’s license in South Africa.
51. Finding out about careers and possible courses that I would like to study.
52. Which steered me into the direction of Public Relations Management that was being offered at Cape Peninsula University of Technology.
53. Building key relationships with stakeholders within the Motorsport fraternity.
54. Becoming independent and buying my own computer.
55. Buying my own Blackberry.
56. Passing my Public Relations National Diploma (soon to complete my BTech).
57. Becoming the Project Manager of the Champions of Engineering project.
58. Meeting new friends and colleagues within the industry of my choice.
59. Becoming more involved in the motorsport fraternity.
60. Building my name as a Photographer/Public Relations Manager.

The remaining 140 achievements, I would leave for the other half of my life!

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