Tuesday 31 July 2012

The sponge effect!

Caption: Children are becoming much more advanced then anytime before.
Source: ehow.com

I have come to learn that in this day and age, children are becoming smarter and advanced at an early age. For example, a 5 year old child having the knowhow of operating mobile phones or even using Television remotes to change the channels to their respective favorite programmes.

Have you ever said a word or phrase and then immediately you find the child repeating that very phrase or word? Well, that is because they pick up information on just about everything and they enjoy learning new things, this is what I call the sponge effect.

The scary thing is that children unconsciously soak up information from the environment in which they surround themselves in. For example, my nephew he picks up information so easily, because he consciously and unconsciously listens to conversations people are having and then questions what it means.

Have you encountered an experience in where children use words, which they have heard you use in a conversation?

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