Thursday 22 March 2012

We are what we do.


While formulating my ideas about this topic an idea popped into by head, pertaining to “It can't happen to me”. These are words we should avoid saying, because things could happen in split seconds. I said those words, a few years ago and my life had changed considerably.

Myself and a few friends were discussing this statement, I was silly and stated. Yes, nothing can happen to us. Little did we know that something would happen?

Nobody would like something like this to happen, but it does unfortunately.

We set out to visit what was then the new Century City and on our way there, the unthinkable happened and we were involved in an accident. That day I’d never forget, everyone in the car died and I was the only survivor. Not a day passes that I wish could overturn that statement and therefore I would say, Think before you speak because anything can happen.

We as individuals take it for granted but we should not. I feel that we should live every minute of every day as our last and this will not only make our life better but it would increase our productivity and efficiency.


  1. Life is precious! So we should live it as tomorrow will never come.

  2. You are not lucky to be alive, but your life has destiny. Many times we are prophets of our own lives. We need to watch what we say. Truly an inspirational story.

  3. Thank you so much Keith. In this day and age we should live every day as if its our last and this will ensure a better take on life, because all we do is complain etc.