Thursday 8 March 2012

Fish falling from the sky.

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We all wish something that something strange of this nature could occur because it would be a pretty amazing sight, but for a certain group within the Western Cape, this is something they pray for on a day-to-day basis as a result of the new fishing regulations passed by the South African government which now gives Multi-National corporations the ability to catch as many fish as possible and the local fisherman have to abide by a quota supplied to them by the South African government.

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This is a sad reality but it comes to the point in where these individuals either find other jobs but jobs is another issue that needs to be addressed. Did you know: A fishermen in South Africa may only catch a maximum of 500 a day, whereas Multi-National corporations are able to catch 3000 – 5000 a day. How do you feel about this? I most certainly feel something needs to be done about this because in the end our resources will be depleted completely and we as the South African public will have no benefit.

Ask yourself this question: Are you a Bengal tiger or a Pink Panther?

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