Thursday 8 March 2012

The Awkward Silence!

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Have you ever had that moment, in where you did not know what to say next. Well, I’ll now assist you in overcoming this awkward feeling. Awkward silence is an uncomfortable pause in a conversation. This could be associated with unpleasantness, anxiety or the pressure to speak about something that you are unsure about.

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In our day and age, some of us may have experienced this, a number of times already. How did you manage to bridge that gap? Where you able to overcome that feeling? Well, it is very easy to break the awkward silence feeling by saying something completely random....... like..........I wish I had fish.... or at least something to make people laugh. We randomly stare at our phones to avoid an awkward situation or even when a awkward situation arises.

If you have had that feeling before and you have to say something to break the silence what would it be? Most of the time it’s something completely strange or obscene that would create laughter and the awkwardness would now dissipate. What’s your favourite one to use?

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  1. my favourite thing to say in a situation like this is 'so how about those Bengal tigers?'it works like a charm because the response is always 'what1?'