Tuesday 21 May 2019

STARD named as official supplier to Projekt E.

The world´s first all-electric Rally/Rallycross development car “HIPER MK1”
Stohl Advanced Research and Development [STARD] has been named as the official supplier of the "Projekt E" series.

On Tuesday 2nd April 2019 IMG Motorsports announced “Projekt E” - “a ground-breaking initiative with the planned introduction of a dynamic electric racing element to the FIA World Rallycross Championship weekend”. 

STARD will be exclusively responsible for electric powertrain kits and other services.

“As usual in such projects and despite being part of IMG´s initiative from the very first moment, so far we preferred to stay in the background in order to process our development entirely undisturbed," said Manfred Stohl, President STARD. 

"As we have now moved on to a very advanced development stage, we are more than happy to announce our exclusive involvement in this groundbreaking and incredibly brave undertaking by IMG." 

"We expect that this project will most certainly redefine an entire motorsport category," he adds. "Without their forward thinking and fully committed approach, it would not have been possible. We are looking forward to extremely exciting weeks, months and years.”

The Projekt E series will see electric-powered cars compete on the same weekend as traditional World RX Supercars.

"The new-look race weekend format will allow rallycross fans to enjoy the traditional internal combustion engines – and be given a glimpse of the future for production-based cars," said IMG Motorsports. 

STARD´s “REVelution” campaign, is the development of unique solutions tailor-made for the world of rallycross, and especially meeting the unique demands of the category.

These unique solutions will undergo extended real life in car testing later this year in order to validate the results from test beds and dyno work. For this purpose, STARD has chosen 3 different base vehicles in order to ensure a broad variety of test cases already form the very beginning of the activity.

“Rallycross is a very demanding and unique environment. In order to achieve the right amount of performance, it is vital to have relevant experience in this category and thus understand what the real requirements are," said Stohl. 

"In addition to our extensive R&D and racing activity in the FIA World Rallycross Championship since 2015, we have set up a unique development and testing program for our latest generation EV components commencing later this year, which is including 3 different models already from the very beginning."

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