Wednesday, 21 July 2021

'We should have good pace straight out of the box' - Timmy Hansen.

PHOTO CREDIT: Red Bull Content Pool
Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has proven to be a happy hunting ground for Timmy Hansen having taken wins for the last two years running.

Timmy’s 2019 performance was especially dominant, winning every session on his way to victory ahead of younger brother Kevin, who secured a historic 1-2 finish for the team. 

Having ended the curtailed 2020 season at the same circuit with a victory, the 2019 World Champion is confident he will be similarly competitive at the beginning of the 2021 season.

"It's been a really long break leading up to this round of the championship, so I hope I can get up to speed quickly now that we're back! But our preparations for this season have gone really well and I'm confident we should have some good pace straight out of the box," Hansen said.

The Barcelona rallycross track is 1,125m in length with competitors tackling a sweeping left-hand Turn One (which saw tons of action in 2020 involving Johan Kristoffersson). Before a quick run uphill to the transition to dirt/gravel at turn 2 before a quick right into turn 3 followed by a left, which marks the entrance to the Joker lap, followed by a long, sweeping left-hand turn incorporating the back straight. The second of the two gravel sections then has an intricate entry before running through a fast downhill right kink, with a tight left-handed turn leading to the finish line.

"Barcelona is a high-grip circuit, which has always worked well for us and our car," he said. "There's one exception to that though – the last corner, which is my favorite. It's usually super slippery on entry and all the grip is on the exit, so the driving style through there is really different." 

"You end up almost backing the car into the final corner and wait for the grip to arrive on the exit. Anyone who's played DiRT Rally will know this style very well!"

"The joker lap on this track – where the exit speed is so high – introduces some unusual strategy and makes it very open, so while our car is fast, we will need to be clever and make sure we are getting everything right to perform well."

Whilst its yet to be determined who wins at Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona this weekend, but there is no doubt that the Hansen brothers will be ready to fight for glory! 

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