Monday 16 September 2019

Robin Larsson will not get bogged down by disqualification in Latvia.

New-crowned European Rallycross Champion Robin Larsson made a World Rallycross return with JC Raceteknik in Latvia.

The Swede had one aim in mind to test his Euro RX speed against the World RX field. He showed good pace throughout the weekend but got involved in a number of tangles with title contender Timmy Hansen. 

In Qualifying 1, Larsson was sixth fastest but tangled with Timmy Hansen as they went side-by-side across the finish line.  

That battle continued into Q2. The Euro RX champion started on pole position with Timmy Hansen alongside in P2. While Liam Doran took the lead with the best start. Larsson took a tight line on the inside through turn one and into the turn two right-hander. While taking a tighter line Timmy Hansen and Krisztian Szabo had nowhere to go and the pair hit the tyre wall at turn two. Hansen later retired with broken rear suspension.

Despite crossing the finish line in third-pace, Larsson was disqualified from Q2 for the incident. 

The Swede aimed to fight back on Sunday but finishing seventh in Q3 and thirteenth in Q4, which was not enough to progress to the semi-finals.

"This weekend we clearly had the speed and were among the top six or seven without major problems," he said. "If you want to keep up with the guys in World RX, you really have to push, and I think we have stepped up the pace further compared to how it was in France."

"Then there was the disqualification in Q2. It's a tough first corner and we got tight into it. There was some contact but I was first and held my line, while the other drivers held the gas and wanted to go through. Everything happened so quickly and from my point of view I could not have done different, but the judges thought otherwise."

"It’s frustrating that it cost me the semi-final spot, but it’s nothing I will get bogged down in."

Larsson took to Instagram on Sunday to voice his dissatisfaction for the disqualification.

Written By Junaid Samodien

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