Tuesday 24 September 2019

EKS to start a rally team in 2020.

Mattias Ekström's championship-winning outfit EKS will start a rally team in 2020.

EKS withdrew from the 2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship and intended to sell their rallycross supercars. 

The 2016 World RX champion went on to sell two 2016 specification Audi S1 Supercars to JC Raceteknik, and would later rent two 2018 specification cars to Andreas Bakkerud and Liam Doran [Monster Energy RX Cartel]. While a third 2018 specification car was entered into the 2019 World RX championship under the banner EKS Sport with Hungarian Krizstian Szabo at the wheel.

In a statement, EKS confirms that their rallycross involvement will not be affected by starting a new rally team. 

"We have had a great time this year with Andreas Bakkerud, Liam Doran, Krisztián Szabó, Enzo Ide, Robin Larson and Mats Öhman, The RX Cartel and JC Raceteknik," the EKS statement said. "Andreas is in the hunt for the World RX title and Robin secured the Euro RX and Rally X titles already."

"We love to be a part of all of that and we hope to continue as a service team in 2020 and beyond, but this is also very much depending on the drivers and cooperation with especially The RX Cartel and JC Raceteknik."

EKS has begun preparations for its 2020 rallying debut and has set their first objections: "we aim to win events and championships" in 2020 and beyond. 

"We are really excited, as many EKS team members already have a big passion for rally. This will hopefully also be great news for fans, media, drivers/co-drivers, competitors and possible partners."

"It was actually in rally where the base was created of what EKS is today. The cooperation between Janne Ljungberg and Mattias started back in 1999 at Mattias’ parents’ workshop. After just two seasons having a little rally team Janne and Mattias went to DTM for some years together. During the winter break 2003-2004 a black Group-N Mitsubishi was built and this car won the Group-N class at Swedish Rally and Catalunya Rally in 2004 with Mattias and Stefan Bergman in the cockpit."

EKS will compete in some warmup events and tests in 2019 in an attempt to get up to speed. 

"We will prepare ourselves on the special stages, in the service park and we will analyze new ideas that will help us succeed and reach our goals in the future."

Ekström's team will present their plans for 2020 in December 2019.

Written by Junaid Samodien

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