Friday 18 May 2018

Johan Kristoffersson: "We have to drive smarter than ever this season.”

PHOTO CREDIT: PSRX Volkswagen Sweden
Johan Kristoffersson started on POLE POSITION for the Belgium RX final. The lights went out and away they went, but it was as if Johan was at a standstill. Loeb, Bakkerud and Solberg clearly ahead on the run to Turn 1. 

Johan had the inside line and was next to his team-mate (Solberg). Moments later, Kristoffersson was up on two wheels leaning on his team-mates PSRX Volkswagen Polo-R. After the Turn 1 melee he fed out in third place just ahead of Solberg. Johan went on to finish in fifth place [now leads the championship by nine points.]
“The last race in Belgium, where I was fifth, that hurt a little bit. It was a bit of a crazy race in the final, with a lot of action in every direction. But that was then. This is now," says Kristoffersson

“We have seen just how close the racing is this year. Winning the championships last year was an absolute dream and everybody in the PSRX Volkswagen Sweden team put so much work in, but defending those titles this year is going to be even harder," said Kristoffersson. Every corner is fought over so hard – we saw that in Belgium last time. Hopefully Silverstone will be a little bit more open with some more room to overtake and make some different moves."

Johan Kristoffersson completed 46 laps (5th fastest overall) at the pre-season test in Silverstone. “The track is quite different in nature to the rest of the places we go to, there’s more gravel than we’re used to – more than half of the lap is on the dirt. So, if we get some dry weather, the dust could be a bit of a problem," said Kristoffersson“But the priority for us has to be to take the points. We have to drive smarter than ever this season.” 

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