Monday 14 November 2022

From elation to disqualification - Kenneth Hansen explains.

PHOTO CREDIT: Red Bull Content Pool
Kevin Hansen was disqualified from the World RX of Germany final on Sunday afternoon due to a technical infringement on the "lower wishbone".

The younger of the two Hansen brothers had a pretty solid weekend at the Nurburgring, despite Johan Kristoffersson's dominant drive, but after great drive to second place in the final, and almost a guaranteed third-place in the drivers' championship. The Swede was stripped of the result, which promoted Niclas Gronholm to third in the championship. 

So, what happened? Well, after post-race inspections, the Stewards determined that "the lower wishbone from the left side of the car did not comply with the declaration form" meaning it was overweight. 

Kenneth Hansen explained: "I was really surprised because I am the one who checks the parts and weights – we had one front wishbone that was 90 grams too heavy. The wishbone had been repaired, it shouldn’t have been on the car and it was only on one side, but still it was too heavy."

The Hansen World RX team principal clarified that there was no performance gain from the technical infringement, however, they accept and took the penalty. 

"There was no performance gain but it should conform and we took the penalty," Hansen said. "It’s a hard punishment, but we just have to take it. It’s my responsibility and it was purely a mistake. Overall, our 2023 season already starting this weekend and it’s a very positive feeling."

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