Monday, 17 August 2020

"Our expectation for this year is to continue where we left off in 2019" - Kevin Hansen.

PHOTO CREDIT: Red Bull Content Pool.
Kevin Hansen, the reigning TitansRX and NitroRX champion firmly sets his sights on the ultimate crown in rallycross having finished third in the drivers' championship last year. 

Despite winning the season-opener in 2019, the Swede wasn't able to convert his early championship lead into success, and he ultimately believes that spinning on the joker lap at the British round was a turning point in the title fight. 

Whilst heading into the season finale in Cape Town still in contention for the World RX title, Kevin decided to support his brother in his quest to be world champion and ended the season in third place in the standings. 

Kevin Hansen (yellow) and Timmy Hansen (blue) pictured together in photoshoot.
PHOTO CREDIT: Red Bull Content Pool.  
Ahead of the 2020 World Rallycross season-opener in Holjes this weekend, Team Hansen RX unveiled their 2020 livery, 
featuring the traditional Hansen Motorsport blue, plus light blue accents for Timmy Hansen, while Kevin's Peugeot 208 will feature yellow accents to distinguish the team's two cars this season.

"I think the new livery looks amazing," Kevin Hansen said. "We've tried to make the two liveries look more similar this year, so it looks more like the cars belong to the same team. We are the reigning world champions so we need to present a united front, even more, this year. Mine especially looks really great!"

Holjes is a happy hunting ground for Kevin. The Swede came within +0.338s of winning the World RX of Sweden last year and is excited that the season will kick-off on home soil. 

"To start the season with my home race is very exciting," he said. "We're used to doubleheaders and the team is as well, so this format won't feel like a surprise. It'll be very calm with no fans but if we do well in the final, the celebrations will feel a bit empty, with no-one in the grandstands. We feel all the support from our home fans and we hope they will share their feelings and emotions about World RX's return with us on social media." 

Despite the challenges that the 22-year-old Swede faced in 2019, he is ready for action this season and expects Team Hansen RX to continue where they left off in 2019 having claimed the drivers' and teams' titles. The Swede aims to achieve his ultimate goal this season - to be World Champion. 

"Our expectation for this year is to continue where we left off in 2019. We learned a lot from being in the lead of a world championship and fighting for wins, so I don't feel nervous at all. I feel very comfortable with who I am, what I can achieve, and what I'm capable of doing, so it's just about getting to the track and fine-tuning the car, extracting everything we can from every race. Becoming a world champion is the ultimate goal."

Kevin also explains the reasoning behind switching from race number #71 to #9 in the FIA World Rallycross Championship.

"I'm switching to #9 for only one reason this year: the qualifying grid draw. #71 has not performed well in these draws for the past few years, so I felt it was time to try and change that. Hopefully now with #9, which has the best average grid position for Q1 grid draws, this will help make things a little easier for Q1" he said. "I'll always keep #71 in my heart and use that number anywhere else I race, but I need to do everything possible to optimize my performance."

Written By - Junaid Samodien

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