Thursday, 16 February 2012

Two People walk out of a building into a story.

The world we are living in is more money focussed and money orientated than we ever thought possible a few years ago. An Anonymous writer once said, “Money is the route to all evil”.

A few days following the plot of cash allocations at the Five Pillars of Hell in the Western Cape, Life Boy and Great Tender where set to leave the Five Pillars of Hell, when they notice that the entire country has become cash hungry zombies. They witnessed a prominent business man being stripped of his clothes and essentials and leaving him defenceless.

Great Tender and Life Boy retreated into the Five Pillars of Hell in where they made the joint decision to buy an aircraft to fly them away from this craziness. They decided on using R9 billion, not only for buying an aircraft but to secure a home and investments in Hawaii. Within 24 hours they get ready to leave for Hawaii.

While on the aircraft Life Boy tells Great Tender that they were the main contributors to this situation. He then asks Great Tender, WHAT HAVE WE DONE?

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  1. Life Boy and great tender lol. Next you should add the ultimate tourist, one who flew in and out of the country enough to question whether he should have citizenship.